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Change style specifically (not globally) I have a heading which has its own style defined in "Style and Formatting". Al

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@Kruno: I can't edit my post :-/. I've copied the text from the PDF to a plain text file and saved it. Then I used the program xxd and found that the first characters' hex value is: e280 abe2 80aa (These chars show prior to the first legitimate char). These characters are "RIGHT-TO-LEFT EMBEDDING" and "LEFT-TO-RIGHT EMBEDDING" in UTF8 encoding. Additional similar chars appear between the words (wherever a space exists). Example of additional sequence: E2 80 AC.

2016-08-31 23:40:43 +0200 ha posto una domanda Copy text from writer w/o hidden characters

I have LibreOffice Writer version 5.1.

I have a Writer document which contains code.
That document is exported to PDF.

Sometimes I wish to copy the code from the PDF but it contains hidden chars which cause problems.
How do I create in Writer a paragraph which contains only clear text (no hidden chars or any other weird stuff) ??

("chars" means "characters".)

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2016-07-04 21:23:48 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Table in table - Select a row that contains the table

I managed to do that in the following method:

  1. Placed the cursor below the external table, and in the same row which I want to modify its border.
  2. Clicked SHIFT on the keyboard and Arrow Down
  3. Now two rows are selected - the first is of my interest.
  4. While the SHIFT key is still pressed, click the Arrow Up key.
  5. Now the relevant row is selected.

Now, simply click on the Table properties icon to modify the row's border style.

2016-07-04 21:20:50 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Table in table - Select a row that contains the table

I didn't see a thick black arrow, but I did see a white double-sided-arrow with black border. Anyway I managed to do that with another method (will write an answer)

2016-07-04 09:43:46 +0200 ha posto una domanda Table in table - Select a row that contains the table

I have a table inside another table.

  • The external table has 1 column with multiple rows
  • The internal table has multiple columns with 1 row

The cursor is located in the row of the external table. That specific row contains the internal table.
Then I go to Table -> Select -> Rows, but it doesn't select the current row (of the external table) - it selects the internal table..
How do I select the row of the external table?

I wish to do that in order to remove the left border from the row of the external table.

2016-05-21 11:32:12 +0200 ha commentato una risposta convert-to command line parameter

How do you set the range of pages?

2016-05-13 23:37:20 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Table inside another table - how to add rows?

How do I add a row before the first row of A?

2016-05-13 22:07:39 +0200 ha posto una domanda Table inside another table - how to add rows?

I have a table (call it B) inside another table (call it A).
How do I add rows to table A ? The cursor is always on the inner table (B) so I can't add rows to the outer table (A).
I need to add a row before the first row of A.

(In reality:
I have one table and in every cell of that table there is table with a varying number of columns.
I need to add a row before the first row of the outer table (A)

2016-05-07 17:16:17 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Writer: Change default position settings for bullets

I understand now. Still, despite of doing everything you wrote, when I click the Bullets On/Off button - (for some reason) the regular style is applied to the list... I still need to specifically click on the List 1 or Numbering 1 style. In addition, sometimes I would like the list to be numbered, while other times to be "bullets", therefore linking the Text Body paragraph style to only one of them - isn't what I need.. At least now I have a better understanding of LO :-)

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2016-05-04 20:27:02 +0200 ha posto una domanda A new numbered list incorrectly continues previous list

I have a document with:

  1. Some paragraph (no lists)
  2. A numbered list
  3. Some paragraph (no lists)

Then, I want to create a numbered list (after all the content), but it continues the previous numbered list.
So every time it happens - I always need to click "Right mouse button" and then "Restart Numbering".
How do I disable this behaviour?

2016-05-04 18:48:08 +0200 ha posto una domanda Hidden text for print in exported PDF

I have a Writer document which I want to export to PDF.
Then I will print it - using any available PDF viewer software.
I want a text that will appear when reading the PDF on screen, but will be invisible/hidden on print. How do I achieve that with LibreOffice Writer 4.2 ?

2016-04-29 19:36:48 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Writer: Change default position settings for bullets

Something is weird, it seems that we have a different version of Libreoffice, perhaps. I don't have "List formats" in that location. But I did set "List 1" in the Format -> Paragraph -> Outline & Numbering -> Numbering style. Then, I change the style of "List 1" via the "Styles and Formatting" toolbar. The List style is saved when I quit libreoffice and enter the same document. But how do I tell libreoffice to choose a default style for the bullets? My LibreOffice version is 4.2.

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2016-04-21 00:33:07 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Writer: Change default position settings for bullets

That is exactly the problem - how do I configure the bullets? The configurations are deleted after I click the "OK" button. The configurations always apply to the current bullets list that I'm creating. When I create a new list - I need to reconfigure the settings...

2016-04-20 12:10:44 +0200 ha posto una domanda Writer: Change default position settings for bullets

I'd like to change the following default settings for bullets (in levels 1,2,3 - different settings for every level):

  • "Numbering followed by": space
  • "Aligned at"
  • "Indent at"

I tried to edit them via "Format" -> "Bullets and Numbering ...", but the configurations were forgotten by libreoffice. I'd like to save those configurations. How do I achieve that?

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2015-12-17 15:51:58 +0200 ha posto una domanda Show all numbers with specific exponent

Assume I have many numbers which are presented like so: 12.3E-6 or 45.6E-7 or 78.9E-8

How do I change all of them to be presented such that the exponent has a specific number? meaning:
Assume I want to present all numbers as micro (10^-6), so: 12.3E-6 or 4.56E-6 or 0.789E-6

How do I do that with Libreoffice Calc?

Thank you..

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2015-09-27 17:25:11 +0200 ha posto una domanda Pre-defined formats for table - as in MS-Word

I'd like to suggest adding extra formats to the "AutoFormat" option under the "Table" menu.
These formats will mimic MS-Word table formats - because they look a lot better than the existing, default formats of LibreOffice.

I tried to suggest this in: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/ (As advised here)
But when filing a report, it will publish the email address etc. which I prefer to avoid, as specifically written:

All your contributions to this Bugzilla, including your e-mail address and other personal data contained in your bug report, will be publicly available and cannot be deleted.

I hope this is OK.

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