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2016-06-22 20:33:26 +0100 reageerde op een antwoord how do i get a new document to open without a template?

I arrived at this same workaround. It was a lot of work for something that seemed like it should be straightforward.

2016-06-22 13:57:14 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag How can I change the default superscript/subscript size?

As best I can tell there is no way to change the default subscript/superscript size. As you did, I found directions to search for a particular kind of formatting and replace all text with that format, and directions to create new styles and save them. So I created new styles with the subscript and superscript sizes and offsets that I wanted, and made new keybindings for them. I also created a keybinding for the default style so that I could turn off subscript or superscript with keyboard shortcuts. I saved the keyboard configuration. It worked great for the current document, but then none of the new styles or bindings automatically applied to new documents.

I had to create a new template and make that the default template, otherwise it reverted to the standard defaults without access to the new styles and bindings. But I still haven't figured out how to create a new template that has no text in it AND preserves the default font size (12 pt) instead of the font size I happened to originally save my template as. And the template has whatever text I didn't erase. I'd offer a more step by step answer, but it took me a long time to piece this together on different days, and I can't easily reproduce all of the web pages I looked at for instructions. I hope the outline and keywords can be of help.

2016-06-17 21:01:16 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Value Too Long In Statement

I found this answer to a similar question on an open office forum

"Well, one thing the form wizard does not do is place input limits on the text boxes.

So if you have a text box control attached to a field that can take only 10 characters the control will not stop you from adding 11 - but the update to the database will fail.

You can fix this by opening the form in edit mode, select the text box controls and open the property editor. On the general tab there is a property for Max Text Length - 0 = unlimited. You can change this to match your actual field definitions and that should fix your problem. Assuming that this is the problem I suppose."

I was able to fix this same problem by changing the allowed length for text entry in one of my fields. I hope it helps.

2016-06-15 14:09:07 +0100 reageerde op een vraag How can I change the default superscript/subscript size?

I want this, too, but I can't upvote it since I don't have enough points.

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2015-12-07 14:16:22 +0100 reageerde op een antwoord Formula: double arrows for chemical equations

Thank you. That's a helpful start.

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2015-11-04 18:33:50 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag How do I delete "Anchor" in Writer so objects can be moved?

I don't know if anchors can be removed or not. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will respond to that.

I have found that Anchor to Page allows me to move the object freely within a page. Changing the Wrap options allows me to change other things on the page while ignoring the image (wrap through or in background) or treating it in different ways depending on my desired outcome. For me, changing Wrap in conjunction with Anchor has allowed me to solve many problems of figure placement.

2015-11-04 18:33:44 +0100 stelde een vraag Formula: double arrows for chemical equations

Version 5.0 Math

Is there a way to add harpoon arrows into formulas? I use TeXMaths extension, currently, but it is no longer being supported.

It would be awesome if there were a chemistry subset in the formula editor. Two features that seem minimal but would be very helpful would be: 1. adding harpoon arrows U+21cc U+21c0 U+21bd (or U+21bc) 2. a simple way to allow chemical symbol text to not be italicized

Many other useful formatting features are already present.

2015-11-04 18:33:17 +0100 reageerde op een antwoord change default subscript impress

Thank you. I can still use an answer, so I appreciate this.

2015-09-15 13:35:11 +0100 stelde een vraag change default subscript impress

I use superscripts and subscripts frequently in Impress. They are too small and misplaced for my audience to read and understand. How can I change the default so that I don't have to change every one?

Setting the default doesn't appear to be available in Impress. The Alternate Find & Replace extension doesn't work with Impress, and I'd rather not do it for every document, anyway. Superscript and subscript options don't appear to be available under Styles. Changing the superscripts and subscripts on the character menu and saving the document as a Template doesn't preserve the changes.

If this requires changing an .xcd file or some other program file, I will do it. Individual changes are far too time consuming.