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2017-04-05 15:21:54 +0200 beantwoorde een vraag Anyone finding LibreOffice slow on OSX?

Agree. Unusable it is so slow. Had to go to the Collabora free version from the App Store which is very fast. NeoOffi

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2017-02-17 16:07:07 +0200 reageerde op een vraag LibreOffice Extremely Slow in Mac OS Sierra

The behavior is the same whether I am using the MacBook Pro without an external monitor or with an external monitor. Also, we have a new iMac and it has the same problem.

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2017-02-09 03:26:57 +0200 stelde een vraag LibreOffice Mac Slow, but Not Collabra Vanilla. Why?

Every recent version of LibreOffice I download and install is glacial, almost non-usable. However, I just downloaded the Collabra LibreOffice Vanilla (version directly from the Apple App store. It is super fast. Why the difference?

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2017-01-22 22:26:27 +0200 bewerkte een antwoord Bought a new mac and went to download LibreOffice, but it only downloaded a page called 'Content' with unreadable code. Please Help.

Good luck using it if you do download it. Right now the Mac version is so slow it is virtually worthless, unfortunately. Until it gets fixed to work reasonably well on a Mac, I'd suggest NeoOffice, which works perfectly.

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2017-01-06 17:05:32 +0200 reageerde op een vraag LibreOffice Extremely Slow in Mac OS Sierra

Sad, but true. See my answer below from yesterday. You may need to try NeoOffice or OpenOffice until something changes.

2016-10-28 14:47:01 +0200 beantwoorde een vraag LibreOffice 5.2.1 & 5.1.5 crashing after upgrading to macOS Sierra (10.12)

5.2.3 RC1 fixes it. Works great

2016-10-28 14:46:06 +0200 beantwoorde een vraag Is 5.2.2 LibreOffice upgrade compatible with Mac OS Sierra?

5.2.3 RC1 works great, but not 5.2.2.

2016-10-24 03:51:58 +0200 beantwoorde een vraag LibreOffice hangs on macOS Sierra

Try 5.2.3 RC1 fixes it. Works great and fixed it for me.

2016-10-24 03:49:20 +0200 beantwoorde een vraag LibreOffice Extremely Slow in Mac OS Sierra

5.2.4 still slow as molasses. I also tried the 5.3 beta. Both are virtually unusable they are so slow. By contrast, NeoOffice for Mac is very fast, as is the latest release of OpenOffice (4.1.3). If I use Parallels and use Windows 10 on my Mac the latest Windows version of LibreOffice is super fast. So, am I the only one that can hardly use the Mac version? I have tried everything- uninstalling, reinstalling, uninstalling all of the files in Application Support for LibreOffice. Nothing works. Any thoughts?

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2016-10-12 19:48:49 +0200 stelde een vraag LibreOffice Extremely Slow in Mac OS Sierra

None of the current versions of LibreOffice performs acceptably in Sierra. To do anything gets the Mac spinning ball. While things work eventually, it takes forever and is essentially non-usable as currently operating. By contrast, OpenOffice 4.1.2 and NeoOffice work great and are fast. I would like to stick with LibreOffice, but I hope these issues can be fixed.