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*The libreOffice UI is only 'counter intuitive' if you have acclimatised yourself to the awful quirks of Microsoft word. *

Seriously, how deceitful, defensive and pathetic does one have to come out with a sentence like that? There have been times where I have found LaTeX more intuitive than the LibreOffice UI.

Hey, normanLinux, mate: if you want LibreOffice to succeed, perhaps maybe admitting to some of the flaw in the product would help with fixing it. Projection only makes you look bad.

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"However, you do need to understand the basics before one thinks one could do a better job..." is wrong for another reason, petermau. All you need is experience with an alternative system with a better UI to see how counterintuitive the LibreOffice way is.

2015-07-02 14:22:24 +0100 reageerde op een antwoord Permanently set default page style

What rot and nonsense, petermau. The usability in LibreOffice is so often broken and counter-intuitive that deep familiarity with the kinks of the existing system are probably a barrier to thinking up a better user interface. For example, you seem to think that this is about choosing default printers, when it is actually about getting the page size right every time. These are two different things. Your immersion in the flaws of LibreOffice have caused you to confuse the two.

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mariosv: no, you can't find the answer in that thread. That threads is about setting the defaults for an existing document - not setting the defaults for new documents one creates. I had that frustration myself.

The trick is to follow the instructions here:

Except for the "File - Templates - Organize" bit. Instead, you have to follow the instructions here.

Yes, the documentation is inconsistent in LibreOffice.