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2014-07-05 14:41:47 +0200 Medalha recebida  Professor (fonte)
2014-07-05 13:57:22 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Is it possible to configure LibreOffice Draw so that Copy->Paste does not place the pasted graphic exactly on top of the previously copied one?

I think there's no option to adjust the settings as you want for now. You can submit this enhancement either :)

2014-06-25 11:27:55 +0200 Resposta comentada paste special (draw format) from draw to writer problem

I also have problems from copyed complex diagram from Drawing to Writer. I need to re-edit again after copying that diagram in Writer.

2014-06-25 11:11:59 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Why does my page numbering restart at 1 on page 7?

I got the same problem too. I think this is another bug. It's no problem if page numbering fail, we can get this back to normal as we expect, with a trick. We need to re-open our document, then all page numbering problems back to normal (page numbering become as normal as it should be). Before this bug solved, if we need to print our document or export it to PDF, I suggest you to close your document first (with ctrl + W) then open it again.