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2016-03-01 12:37:19 +0100 Perguntou Paste from Libreoffice Draw to Powerpoint 2010 as Vector Image?

I need to prepare slides in powerpoint, but prefer Libreoffice draw for creating images -- among other things because conversion to vector-graphics format supported by LaTeX is easier.

However, I cannot find a way to copy images from Draw to Powerpoint, that preserves the vector character of the image. Instead the image is inserted as a low-resolution bitmap.

I know that partial solutions are possible by exporting as EPS, including the EPS as an image in powerpoint and converting it to an office object. This however results in both unreliable results and a lengthy workflow, which makes creating the graphics in powerpoint more attractive.

So: Is there some way to copy and paste a Libreoffice image as vector image to Powerpoint?

Curious detail: When viewing the clipboard contents using the Windows builtin "clipbrd.exe", the images show up as vectorial EMF data that looks as intended (i.e. not pixelated), so I suppose the issue here is on the Microsoft Office side, with Microsoft Office 2010 preferring the Bitmap version over the EMF version when pasting.

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2015-02-10 14:12:09 +0100 Perguntou Export as PDF image instead of PDF page in draw

When using "File > Export" and saving as an EPS, PNG or other image format with the "selection" checkbox ticked, the exported image will automatically be cropped to the size of the selection.

I am however creating images for use in PDF-Latex and would therefore prefer to export as an PDF image. However, when exporting as PDF, the "selection" checkbox changes its behaviour and while the output contains only the selection, it will not be cropped. In order to obtain a cropped PDF image, workarounds have to be employed such as manually changing the page size to fit the image, exporting as EPS and converting to PDF, or cropping the PDF with a third-party tool. While viable, such workarounds remain undesirable. Especially the EPS option, which combined with the "epstopdf" latex package seems convenient at first, fails due to the lack of support for some features in the EPS format (e.g. transparency).

Before filing a bug report / feature request I wanted to make sure that I'm not just missing an option to optain the intended behaviour.

For illustration:

   ODG File          PDF Export        Wanted Export
  +--------------+  +--------------+  +-----+
  |              |  |              |  |IMAGE|
  |              |  |              |  |//\\/|
  |              |  |              |  +-----+
  |   IMAGE      |  |   IMAGE      |
  |   //\\/      |  |   //\\/      |
  |              |  |              |
  |              |  |              |
  |              |  |              |
  +--------------+  +--------------+

Libreoffice version: (Windows 8 64 bit)