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2014-05-02 00:12:48 +0200 Resposta editada when I type the letters jump around all over my document. How Can I fix this

2014-04-25 20:34:05 +0200 Pergunta editada I have been unable to download LibreOffice

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, I have Windows 7 64-bit OS. ihave been unable since version 3.5 to download a newer version. When I click Libre Office 3, then I go to Help, then About Libre Office. I see Libre Office This is after I have downloaded the current version. Why is that ? How can I download the latest version ? Thank you.

2014-04-25 17:18:57 +0200 Pergunta comentada When I want to save-as, Libre freezes and I loose all information

Which version do you use?

2014-04-25 16:56:46 +0200 Pergunta comentada LibreOffice just not saving properly and deleted 1000 words of my dissertation

You can rename the file to *.zip and take a look at the content.xml file inside. Even if LibreOffice can't load the .odt you can manually copy and paste the text from there.

2014-04-25 16:00:42 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How can I get clip art into a Writer Document please?

First, click View > Side pane.

Then click the photo symbol and choose a topic. Clipart can be added by drag and drop.

2014-04-24 18:26:41 +0200 Pergunta comentada LibreOffice 4.1.5 crashes to desktop on start (Win 7)

There is no version 4.5.x. Do you mean 4.2.1?

2014-04-19 22:01:16 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Which should I download for simple home use? Libreoffice Fresh or Stable?

In recent versions of LibreOffice docx/xlsx/pptx have gotten more attention than the binary formats, so the compatibility for doc/xls should roughly be the same.

I'd probably go with the older 'stable' version.

2014-04-19 10:22:57 +0200 Pergunta editada How to compile LibreOffice extension

I created a new Apache OpenOffice Calc Add-In project, and then added java libraries from /opt/libreoffice4.2/ure/share/java to fix compiler errors.

Then I right click on the project node and choose deploy and run extension or build or any other build option.

And then I always get this message:

ant -f /home/binnarywolf/NetBeansProjects/AddIn1 uno-run Target "-do-jar-with-manifest" does not exist in the project "AddIn1". It is used from target "jar". BUILD FAILED (total time: 0 seconds)

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2014-04-19 10:02:56 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta What does Convey Law Reviews mean?

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2014-04-18 09:13:00 +0200 Resposta editada How can I print comments inline in a Writer document like Microsoft Word does?

This will be possible from version 4.3 on:

In the prining dialog, choose Comments: Place in margins

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2014-03-10 23:25:58 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Can I make a business card with Libre

File > New > Business cards

2014-03-06 22:40:47 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta With your new design for the web page, where can I find where can I download the help pack? [fixed]
2014-02-28 01:35:49 +0200 Pergunta comentada URGENT! Page numbering bug with 4.2 update.

Wouldn't the easiest quick solution be to reinstall 4.1 to print it and examine the issue (maybe bug?) later?

2014-02-26 05:45:50 +0200 Resposta editada how can I make a pivot table with data from several sheets ?

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2014-02-26 05:44:42 +0200 Resposta editada calc - pivot table layout

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2014-02-26 05:44:32 +0200 Resposta editada Can I use a named cell range as source cell range for a combo box form control?

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2014-02-26 05:40:37 +0200 Resposta comentada Can I use a named cell range as source cell range for a combo box form control?

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2014-02-25 15:06:45 +0200 Pergunta editada How do I reduce the amount of space on the left and right of a formula?

LibreOffice, Writer + Math Windows XP

I've created formulas which are inline within the text. However, the presence of space on the left and right of the formula mean the appearance of the text + formulas just does not look right.

There are two places where space to the left and right of a formula can be reduced. The first is in the in the Formula Frame Style which I've been able to reduce.

The second is the spacing within the formula within the Borders category. I have not been able to reduce this. See the attached screen shot. It shows the default values which I could not alter.

image description

Any help appreciated. Or is this a bug?

2014-02-24 23:19:14 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How to print shaded rows on LibreOffice Calc 3.6 on Windows 8

I assume you mean alternating row colors?

  1. Create two cell styles
  2. Select area that should be formatted
  3. Format > Conditional formatting > Condition
  4. Select "Formula is" and type =MOD(ROW();2)
  5. Select the cell style
  6. If you want a second color, add another condition
  7. Select "Formula is" and type =NOT(MOD(ROW();2))
  8. Select the cell style
2014-02-23 01:47:54 +0200 Resposta comentada No insert option in Footer menu

I have 4.2 installed and for me the field adapts based on the current chapter name.

2014-02-23 00:46:28 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta No insert option in Footer menu

Use the menu bar: Insert > Fields > Other > Chapters > Chapter name

Result: Chapter.odt

2014-02-21 20:24:05 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Edit bibliography entries (added from document content)

The database is not directly accessible. You can change a field via right-clicking on the entry and then "Bibliography entry" and "edit".

In my opinion it's easier to use Zotero:

2014-02-21 20:17:38 +0200 Resposta comentada Here we go again: "JRE defective" But it's LibreOffice that's defective!
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2014-02-20 18:03:28 +0200 Medalha recebida  Pergunta notável (fonte)
2014-02-19 14:35:16 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I suggest an enhancement?

When you use the bug reporting tool at , you can open the bugzilla page for your bug afterwards and select Importance:enhancement


2014-02-19 11:00:33 +0200 Medalha recebida  Pergunta notável (fonte)
2014-02-19 06:10:00 +0200 Pergunta editada How to use an absolute reference when extending a formula sequence?

Say I want to have a sequence of formulae H6-A1, H7-A1, H8-A1...

How can I keep LibreOffice from increasing the row part of the second variable?

Because what I end up now when I drag the small square of the selection is H6-A1, H7-A2, H8-A3...