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2016-04-29 11:22:34 +0200 Resposta comentada LightsOn.ods

i sent it to you cheers

2016-04-29 10:32:33 +0200 Resposta comentada LightsOn.ods

ok I keep getting an error. ResultPicture = oSheet1.getDrawPage().getByIndex(0) <---- its on this line in the code

what does this line mean ----- > getDrawPage()

2016-04-29 10:09:06 +0200 Resposta comentada LightsOn.ods

oh 1 more question if I may. are the images in each sheet cell just done by insert image?

2016-04-29 09:52:57 +0200 Resposta comentada LightsOn.ods

ok thanks I will try this

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2016-04-29 09:31:52 +0200 Pergunta comentada LightsOn.ods

yes the link when I go there says its closed. so if there was any instructions on how to set it up I can not see them.

2016-04-29 08:55:31 +0200 Pergunta comentada LightsOn.ods
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I can not find it now is there a way I can attach the file here

2016-04-29 08:39:21 +0200 Pergunta comentada LightsOn.ods

hang on I will find it

2016-04-29 08:09:32 +0200 Pergunta comentada LightsOn.ods

it is a file that has 3 pictures of traffic lights on a sheet called Data then there is a sheet called Example this sheet has a selection list with red, green and yellow in it. so if I click on red the image changes to a red light, click on green and it changes to a green light.

2016-04-29 07:37:39 +0200 Perguntou LightsOn.ods

Hi all

can any one help me please, I have looked at JohnSUN file that he created called lightson.ods I have tried to re create this in a new project, but I can not get it to work maybe I have missed something I am not sure.

I copied the code over created a list put images in but no joy still wont work.

can anyone please help me with exactly how he has done this. I would prefer to have the images in a folder but if they have to be on a sheet then that's ok. basically what I have is a recipe holder using libre calc, so there are recipe names and my images are named the same as each recipe.