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Thanks for the comments and the answers.

I checked all the likely folders, the backup folder. on user profile, etc,. but all were empty.

The thing that most upsets me is that I saved my work every 4-6 minutes, and still, LibreOffice recovery disregarded the saved original file and only recovered a copy that was hours old, it's unexplainable.

The field 'save auto-recovery information' was selected and set to 10 minutes, but apparently this was useless.

I made a test hours later, with a long document (one that I had a separate backup) and saved it every 4 minutes, and unplugged the PC to force a shutdown. I cancelled recovery when LibreOffice prompted and the document was only missing the last 4 minutes. That clearly shows that LibreOffice recovery function doesn't work, and attempting recovery will only cause a large loss of data. If I had cancelled recovery the first time I would only have lost just minutes of my work. After dozens of outages over the years and after recovering almost all of my data after them it's my experience that other word processors don't have this issue

Several other people have had the same issue with LibreOffice or worst, like the one below:

2017-02-16 02:23:56 +0200 Perguntou Recovery failed after outage


Power outages are rare in my neighborhood, but the other day, while I was working in a document on LibreOffice 5.3, a split-second outage made my computer shut down. I was not worried too much because I had the precaution of setting a 10-minute auto backup and saved the document myself more often. Power outages had happened to me dozens of times while working on OpenOffice and other word processors, and the file recovery process was always capable of recovering most of the work. When I turned the computer on again and opened the app the usual recovery window appeared (like on other word processors) informing me of the recovery process. I followed the steps carefully and expected to lose only a few minutes of work, since I had saved the document myself more often than every 10 minutes, right?

Wrong! In the document that opened there were several pages of work missing. It was almost the same document I had opened hours ago. Several hours of hard work just gone. I was unable to find any backup of temp file or retrieve an earlier version. I couldn't believe that happened.

My questions are if I can recover the previous version of the document, if possible. I also would want to know how did that happen? How can I prevent LibreOffice of doing the same thing again?

I could buy an UPS but that doesn't address the issue. Saving every document simultaneously to a flash memory is too distracting and time consuming, and I don't know why I should do it, up till now I have never needed to do that.

Thanks for any help