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2013-01-09 04:44:12 +0100 Pergunta comentada Excel R1C1 and COM interface

FYI, your question makes no sense at all. You need to give us a bit more details of what you are trying to do.

2013-01-05 06:39:17 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Copy a functional pivot table

Another way is as follows.

  1. Right-click on the original pivot table and choose Edit Layout...
  2. Click on 'More' to expand the bottom part of the dialog.
  3. In the "Result to" box, select the cell position of where you want the new table to be. Leave the pull-down list box to "- undefined -".
  4. Then click OK.

This will create a copy of the original to the specified location. This way you can have multiple copies on the same sheet (if you so wish).

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2013-01-04 04:02:34 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Adding hyperlink to a group of cells

Perhaps by putting the hyperlink to one cell, copy the cell, select a group of cells, then paste will do the job for you?

2013-01-04 03:54:17 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Copy a functional pivot table

There are several ways to do this, but probably the easiest way, if you are okay with having one pivot table per sheet, is to copy the sheet with the pivot table on. Then the new sheet will have a functional copy of the original pivot table.

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2012-12-27 17:24:53 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta "Insert current time" overrides column format

Upgrade to the latest and that should not happen any more.

2012-12-27 17:22:12 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Calc Restore Row Heights to "Automatic" ("to max content height")?

You need to right-click on the row header (one that displays the row number, to the left of the area where the cells are), choose Optimal Row Height to bring up the optimal row height dialog. Leave whatever values are set in the dialog and click OK. That should reset the "automatic row height adjust" flag on for that row, to restore the original functionality.