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2013-07-16 16:17:25 +0200 Perguntou idlc.exe crash when building libreoffice on windows 7 64 bit

Hi, When I build the latest libreoffice on windows 7 64bit, I got the following error.

$ /opt/lo/bin/make /opt/lo/bin/make -j 1 -rs -f D:/libo/Makefile.gbuild [build DEP] LNK:Library/iunoidl.lib [build DEP] LNK:Executable/ucpp.exe [build DEP] LNK:Library/istore.lib [build DEP] LNK:Library/isalhelper.lib [build DEP] LNK:Library/iuwinapi.lib [build DEP] LNK:Library/isal.lib [build DEP] LNK:Library/ireg.lib [build DEP] LNK:Executable/idlc.exe [build DEP] LNK:Executable/cppumaker.exe [build DEP] LNK:StaticLibrary/codemaker_cpp.lib [build DEP] LNK:StaticLibrary/codemaker.lib [build IDL] udkapi/com/sun/star/idl make[1]: * [D:/libo/workdir/] Error 3 make: * [build] Error 2

And at the same time, An error dialog showed "idlc.exe has stoped working.". It means ildc.exe crash... Any suggestions?

I compile the same source code in two different windows 7, and get the same problem.

After google and google, I can't get nothing useful.

Thanks in advance.

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2013-04-09 12:54:13 +0200 Resposta comentada Chinese characters show unreadable square

I get ' family: "DejaVu Sans"(s)' too. I still wanna know why Openoffice handle this question well. I also save the pptx to ppt, the problem remains.

2013-04-09 09:14:52 +0200 Resposta comentada Chinese characters show unreadable square

locale -a return a long list like: ... wo_SN wo_SN.utf8 xh_ZA xh_ZA.iso88591 xh_ZA.utf8 yi_US yi_US.cp1255 yi_US.utf8 yo_NG yo_NG.utf8 zh_CN zh_CN.gb18030 zh_CN.gb2312 zh_CN.gbk zh_CN.utf8 zh_HK zh_HK.big5hkscs zh_HK.utf8 zh_SG zh_SG.gb2312 zh_SG.gbk zh_SG.utf8 zh_TW zh_TW.big5 zh_TW.euctw zh_TW.utf8 zu_ZA zu_ZA.iso88591 zu_ZA.utf8

2013-04-09 08:35:14 +0200 Resposta comentada Chinese characters show unreadable square

If there are some other fonts can not be found, LO will show the character placeholder (rectangle) again. Why LO can not take a response like OO, using a default font instead?

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2013-04-09 08:13:00 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Chinese characters show unreadable square

Thanks for all your help.

Now I clarify some information for the problem:

  1. OS:Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.1 (Santiago)
  2. LibreOffice Ver: latest 4.0
  3. Font needed: 楷体_GB2312

This is a pptx made by MS Office.

At the same time, I also try openoffice 3 to open the file. Openoffice works well. Openoffice may use a default Chinese font when lacking the 楷体_GB2312.

And if I change 楷体_GB2312 to 宋体 in MS Office。 Everything is OK.

Thanks again.

2013-04-09 05:34:21 +0200 Perguntou Chinese characters show unreadable square


if there is no specific Chinese font, libreoffice will show unreadable square.

Or I have to say "Chinese characters are shown as unreadable squares when lacking a font".

What should I do to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.