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2013-08-11 01:19:49 +0100 Resposta comentada Naming CHAPTERS In A Master Document

Come on folks, forget all this "shame thing" and let's be HONEST about LO Master Document utility. It's broken. It doesn't work.

As one who has both: spent hours attempting to use LO, and, has paid other people to attempt use it, I speak here from experience. Chapter mis-numbering, page mis-numbering, etc. Honesty is the first step toward fault correction. Just own up to it, and then get it fixed.

Don't write back saying we don't know what we're doing, or don't know how to use the program. We do. We're professionals. Search the web. You'll find nothing but unanswered complaints.

We're back on Word 2001 now. Not the greatest--compared to the promise and hope of LO but at least it's workable. We're moving to InDesign.

We'd be happy to PAY for LO, IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED. Or to PAY a consultant to teach us how to use the program to get around it's errors and problems. NOBODY knows how.

This is the problem with "FREE" Free always costs double. At the very least.

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Your answer is perfect -- as long as you don't mind double the work each time you change your chapter order. And it's perfect if you don't care whether your messy directory is in the same order your chapters appear in the present incarnation of your novel.

LO ought to let you insert a link -- the same link as calls the sub-doc -- into the header of that Master-Doc page.

Shame it doesn't. This is silly!

You have to change both the CHAPTER NAME and the HEADING1 name in the document -- after taking the time to open the sub-document of course. Imagine doing that many, many, many, many times, over and over and over.

I prefer the document update it's own heading whenever its FILE NAME is changed.

2013-04-27 01:01:59 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Hiding subdocument title page in master document

If you don't want sub-document titles in the master, simply use sub-doc file-names that are the sub-doc's title, and insert each file-name as a field its sub-doc header.

When you combine the sub-docs into a master, you'll find the master has no way to display sub-doc file-names.

2013-04-26 17:15:53 +0100 Resposta comentada Is there something wrong with the Master Document Implementation?

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2013-04-26 17:05:47 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Naming CHAPTERS In A Master Document

This question is so simple. Apparently in LO the answer is not. The only work around I've found is to put the chapter names into the body at the beginning of each sub-document, then no info in first page headers.

You write: "What exactly are you wanting to include in the header? What does the term "chapter name" refer to? Do you mean the name of the sub-document file (i.e., document information)"


  1. Chapters in books are WRITTEN as short documents.

  2. Those documents are INSERTED into a master document.

  3. The FIRST PAGE HEADER OF EACH now SUB-document IN THE MASTER should be able to reproduce the sub-document FILE NAME. The NAME of the sub-document file.

  4. Subsequent pages of each sub-doc IN THE MASTER get the name of the book in their headers (ie master doc name) or, even better, alternate Right/left book-Name / author-Name.

That's all. This is industry standard.

What are the steps if this is indeed at all possible to do in LO?

If LO could do this and Bi-directional justification, millions more authors would use it, possibly even to publish with.

2013-04-26 16:52:00 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Bidirectional Justification ("WP Justification")

Come on guys, let's get on this. There's no feature more important than this one. Without good looking text, what have you got?

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2013-04-26 02:22:52 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Is there something wrong with the Master Document Implementation?

The best solution, it appears to me, is to purchase a copy of InDesign and forget about using Master Documents, whether in WORD or LO.

2013-04-26 02:15:44 +0100 Perguntou Naming CHAPTERS In A Master Document

Millions of books are composed this way. Why is this so difficult? This is a more elaborate explanation of the question posed just above as "Problem with First Page header in Master." EVERY book author who uses LO asks this:

There seems to be no simple way to combine a bunch of separate chapters into a master document to be published as a book and then have the chapter names show in the first page header of each chapter.

Come on. There's got to be some SIMPLE way to do this. WORD has one. Its a little check box that allows a header to be "Same as Previous" or not.

You just type the chapter names into the master document 1st page headers of each chapter.

A better and more obvious solution would be if there was a way to take each of the file names of the subdocs that are being used as chapters and use those names, sans file extensions, as the chapter titles.

Let's remember that most popular fiction has either the name of the book or alternates the book name / author name on the non-chapter title first page headers.