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2014-01-22 02:21:27 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta When we'll finally see a new UI?

Basically, TDF appears to approach the issue like this; "If a big chunk of our user-base hasn't flocked to another solution, we can still postpone a GUI revision."

The biggest improvement in UI was implemented by Apache, not TDF, which was in fact developed by IBM. The sidebar. After more than 10 years of just replacing icons. Oh, and opening new docs in tabs within one instance is deemed "useless".

It just feels like "we're what you're stuck with, not what you choose to be with", which is unfortunate for such a promising product. I really want to keep using LO, agree 100% on their values and their raison d'etre but man, oh man, this GUI will outlive the Apocalypse.

My temporary solution is this:

Please comment on it and try to bring more attention to it.