After updating I get error message when saving in Base

I just updated to Version: (x64) Build ID: b79626edf0065ac373bd1df5c28bd630b4424273.
Now I get the following error msg when trying to save:

Error inserting the new record
firebird_sdbc error:
*violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint “INTEG_1” on table “Recipe Table”
*Problematic key value is (“Recipe ID” = 7) caused by ‘isc_dsql_execute’

Based upon the limited information, you are trying to add a record with a value that exists already in another record and the field Recipe ID is either a primary key or a field set as unique which doesn’t allow duplicate values.

I don’t know what information you need. I have over 9,000 records. After updating to Version 6.3 the program wanted to migrate to firebird. After migration I started gettting the above Error. It would not save and now everything is greyed out. What do I need to do to fix this? Recipe ID is primary key.


Migration to Firebird is optional and it seems this default will be changed back to HSQLDB in near future unless Enable Experimental Features in Options is turned on.

As for your statement:

I don’t know what information you need.

you never stated, until the comment, what proceeded the error (conversion to Firebird) nor the database being used.

Still have no clue what is meant by:

It would not save and now everything is greyed out.

All of BASE? Form? What? Very confusing.

My comment mentions a problem with the primary key. It may be during the conversion the auto increment (you don’t mention anything on this either; more guessing) was not set properly. You can set this with an SQL statement.

Make a backup of your .odb in case of problems created. Get the largest current value of the key. Can get by running query:

Select MAX("Recipe ID") from "Recipe Table"

Then, using that value, from menu on main screen of .odb, Tools->SQL... enter:

alter table "Recipe Table"  alter "Recipe ID" restart with NNNN;

where NNNN is the value of the highest primary key obtained.

Test inserting a new record.

Thanks so much Ratslinger. That did the trick.