Changing this to DELETE since LibreOffice won't let me close my account

Just putting random stuff in here. LibreOffice not only erased my data, but won’t let me close my account!

What do you mean by this? Did you copy the backup folder of your user profile together with other contents of the profile? What else?
In what way did you treat the original files in their original places - assumably in your ‘My Documents’ (or similar) folder?

Just removing all my coments. I’m no longer interested in this product!

I don’t use Google Docs or any “cloud”. But…
My suspicion is you managed to save back the edited versions to a remote location.
Did you already try to find something via your access to goggle storage?
Hopefully there will be somebidy here who has the needed experience to help you.
For the meantime: What date-time stamp showed the documents you tried to open locally?

This “EVERYTHING” surely won’t include your user profile, would it?

Do yourselves a favour and just use GoogleDocs. It’s not as user friendly, but it won’t erase your data randomly!

Also, Lupp.


Always opened document from the location. If LibreOffice wasn’t saving it to the location I specified, but was still opening it from that location, I’d consider that a (Don’t like my language, remove my account)

I have never seen that, but since that file did not have any of the modifications that you recently made, it does seem to me that LO has actually saved your modified document in a different folder, despite your efforts to save it in the place where you expected to find it.

You said you saved your documents in a folder “within the User profile”? Hmmm. Not a good place, I would think.

I understand you are upset. Please refrain from using language as this site is used by peoples of all backgrounds and ages.

I would like to help you remove your account but at this time have no idea how. Most of us here are just users of the software as you.

It is unfortunate that you don’t seem willing to try to understand what actually happened to your file. Perhaps it is not lost at all, but you will never find it if you don’t look for it. Greater understanding usually comes from solving problems.

Thousands of $ and weeks worth of work, gone. I am beyond angry

As for deletion, request from admin. Go to:

left mouse click on admin guilhem and then on Message. Request deletion there.

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From what I read before, it looks like a Windows permissions issue.

If your previous computer had an encrypted drive and Windows account wasn’t transferred then problems would be worse.

Well, what’s done is done. My trust in this program is shattered and I’m looking for an alternative.

Any idea how to delete my account? The mods are being rather unhelpful in the ‘delete my private data’ department and I’ve only been active for a total 18 hours

Try this Microsoft answers link Give permissions to files and folders in Windows 10

Please note, gave you this information in my previous comment. See above comment with link.

Did he try to open his document from the Recent Document list? I might be wrong, but I think he said he always opened it directly from the file list (file manager?). Surely the Recent Document list would have lead to his current version of the document.

I suggest that we hide or delete this topic, as it doesn’t serve any purpose anymore, since the OP replaced his content by random text.

I suggest that we hide…

Please, please, do it.