Combine text and image objects?

so for several days i have been trying in vain to accomplish what should be a very very simple task.

i have a template for avery business cards. i have completed the design on a single cell ( upper left ) of the template and now wish to copy this design to the other “cells” of the “table” which make up the template.

i wish to copy all elements ( four text boxes and background image ) of this design intact or combine these elements into a single image and copy this image to the rest of the template.

i have spent over three business days attempting to find and answer to this extremely basic question and it’s ruining my life. please help.

The LibO templates have a button “Synchronize Labels” what does the job for you.

I think you can do this two ways -

The best thing is to do as rrbd said above - when you open a new business card (or label) template make sure to check the Options Tab and the select the radio button for “Entire Page” and also the check box for “Synchronize contents”. Then when you make a “New Document” you will find that you can only make edits into the top left form. There should also be a small window with a button that says “Synchronize Labels” - click on it whenever you want to populate the full page.

If you have already designed your card and did not set the Synchronize contents when you started you can still populate the entire page by simply selecting and copying the “master” card. For Windows you do this by placing your cursor anyplace in the desired form, do a CTRL-a to select, Ctrl-c to copy. Then place your cursor at the top of each of the other 9 forms and use Ctrl-v to copy the contents into each one. Nine copies should not take but a few seconds.

Good luck - hope you keep your job!!

yes, but i have spent countless hours on existing design using Avery labels and cannot figure out how to use LibO templates anyways - surely this is possible for any “table” which is all the business card templates seem to be anyway?

that is, i can open LibO “templates” in writer but if produces something not remotely resembling a business card or page full of them, and I would have no idea where to even begin working on it.

the avery label opened looking as i expected - as a sheet of, well, business cards and i spent a lot of time on a design just assuming it would be trivial to copy that design to the rest of the template.

that assumption has cost me three days and is in danger of costing me a new job.

I have attached the file in question ( NEVERMIND, WHEN ATTEMPTING TO ATTACH SAYS “error: data undefined” and does nothing ) - I need the top left card reproduced in the other nine spaces. If you can do this and explain to me how to do it again I am willing to pay as situation is extremely urgent - please tell your price in advance. Thanks.