Copy/Pasting Email Signature = Nil Images

Hi All,

When copy-pasting my email signature from my email-client to LibreOffice Writer, the images do not transfer over. Instead, I’m greeted with empty sections with their alt-texts. It works perfectly fine when copy-pasting into MS Word.

I’ve tried this in both of the latest Libre Office versions (7.5.5. & 7.4.7) and also verified that Images and Charts is checked [in View ->Images and Charts].

Edit: Removed question regarding changing settings to match MS Word.

I suppose it the result depends on the images located in the original e-mail are embedded or linked. Maybe those links are unavailable from the ODF document, of they are damaged somehow.
Otherwise you can check the setting: View - Images and Charts
My tip:
Never (NEVER!) paste preformatted text together the graphical objects directly into your ODF documents. Paste the unformatted text, and the insert the OPTIMALIZED images. Then reformat the document with the LO Styles.

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And to emphasise even more @Zizi64’s advice about preformatted data, it is obvious from your screenshot that your pasted data contains U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE (those with the gray background) instead of regular spaces. These spaces have special properties and may cause issues with justification and line-wrap. In addition, what you pasted ended up either in frames or text boxes which are then not part of the main text flow (clue: gray rectangles) and need special attention to be edited.

So what is your question to experienced users here on this Ask site?

Note that you see a problem that needs a bug report, with a sample email (attach an .eml file with such a signature, that may be imported on others’ mail client, to test); mention the mail client that you use, its version, and OS that you use.