e-Mailing - Connection OK, Server OK, ...no mail sent!

LibreOffice Version: (on Windows 10 home, 64bits)

Error …please run connect() first → No mail sent ! is that a known issue ?

I used mailing in the past on LibreOffice and it worked fine. Now I test the sending parameters and it says

connection OK
server OK

but no mail is sent:

ERROR: class 'smtplib.SMTPServerDisconnected'>: please run connect() first, traceback follows C:\Program Files\LibreOffice 5\program\python-core-3.3.0\lib\smtplib.py:340 in function send() [raise SMTPServerDisconnected('please run connect() first')].... and so on 

I tested different sender accouts and I do not know what to do to “run connect first”. Do I have to come back to a previous version of LibreOffice ?

Thanks for advice. Bob

Server parameters for e-Mailing to work

There is a strange behavior in LibreOffice V5.1-V5.2 (Windows 10 home, 64bits):

  • You need to set the outgoing server parameters in the menu Tools →
    Options → LibreOffice Writer →
    Mailing Email

  • If the parameters are set during the Mailing procedure in Writer, the parameter tests Connection & Server
    are OK but the mailing fails with the message “please run connect() first”!

Has to be known !

I still have to stick on LibO V5.1.5.2 to be able to use e-mailing.
Later updated versions up to block the e-mailing at STEP 4 !