[feature request] Add hotkeys for change case

Hi, I just installed LibreOffice and noticed that there is no hotkey for change case. This means I have to manually click Format>Change Case, then select the case I want each time I need to change the case of the selected text.

In MS Office, case can be easily toggled by selecting the text, then pressing Shift + F3. Can this be done? This would be highly appreciated.

I just checked, and on LibO Writer (on Win XP, at the moment), Shift+F3 does exactly what you describe: cycles through the “Change Case” options for the selected text. It does this (for me!) “out of the box” - I didn’t set this up.

Which version of LIbO are you on, and which platform/OS? That info is vital for this kind of question.

And here’s something to check: go to Tools > Customise... > Keyboard tab, and scroll down to see if the Shift+F3 combination is set to “Rotate Case…”: