Font doesn't show properly

Windows 10, LO, spacejunk:xl font

I downloaded the following font:

It installed fine, and works great in Word 2016. In LO Writer, however, it looks like a generic non-serif font. Italicized, however, it looks like a generic serif font.

In the font picker drop down preview, it shows an italicized non-serif font. In the drop-down itself, it looks like a non-italicized serif font.

What I get from all this is that LO is for some reason not recognizing the font, and substituting generic alternatives. I don’t know why. Suggestions appreciated.

The colon in the name is the problem.

LO uses a colon to separate the font name from feature switches used in Graphite and OpenType. Thus LO is looking for “spacejunk” instead of “spacejunk:XL”, which obviously doesn’t exist. This is what the italics in the font preview mean.

I removed the colon from the font name using FontForge and re-exported as TTF, and this fixed the problem. I’m using (K)ubuntu 16.04, but I suspect that the OS makes no difference.

Thanks very much. I suspected that might be it, but my unskilled effort to edit the font files didn’t fix it. I’ll try FontForge.