How can I switch grid lines off in Writer - on a mac?

The writer documents have these grid lines which I find really annoying. The dots appear OVER the text and makes it look ugly. I find this disturbing when I want to write and really think you should be able to toggle grid lines like you can in most other software. Please please please fix this!

I tried switching it off under ‘preferences → appearance’, but the ‘visible grid’ doesn’t have a tick box (whereas ‘field shading’ and ‘text boundaries’ do, for example). You can only select the colour of the grid, there’s no ‘off’ option. I forgot to mention I use LibreOffice on a mac.

Please rename your question as follow : How can I switch grid lines off in Writer?

You got me wrong. Preferences > Appearance is NOT the place to go. If under mac there isn’t a Tools > Options menu (which I doubt), go to what you call Preferences, but then go to LibreOffice Writer > Grid.

There is indeed no >Options under the Tools menu on the mac version. It’s under LibreOffice>preferences. But I managed to find what you said under preferences>writer>grid, and it worked. Thank you sooo much!!!

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You must have set it up by mistake. To fix this, go to Tools > Options. In there, look at the list on the left side and go to LibreOffice Writer > Grid. Then untick Visible Grid.