How can I use header and footer without having the same information in all pages? (Writing a manuscript)

I’m writing a manuscript and I’m using the headers and footers. In the first header I used to write ‘Chapter One’, it appeared on the front page (first page), the second page and the rest. How can I use the header and footer without having the same information in all the pages?

PS: Every time I erase the header, it erases itself from the others.

Please help.

Hi JoséPR12

Damn annoying, isn’t it?!

The problem occurs because text in the Header and/or Footer is tied to the Page Style. Therefore, if you want different text on one page cf others, then you need a different style to be in force on that page cf the others. Fiddly, but necessary.

The overview looks like this:-

  1. Create new page style, based on old page style
  2. Insert a Manual Page Break, selecting the new style.

…and here it is step-by-step:-

  1. F11 (Styles & Formatting) Click on Page Styles, then New Style From Selection; choose a suitable name, select the current Page style & press OK.

You now have a brand-new page style that is identical in (almost) all respects to the style in the current page.
4. Position the cursor at the beginning of the page where you need the header/footer text to change

  1. Menu:-Insert Manual Break... select Page break click Style dropdown & select the newly-created style & press OK.

You will now find that you can put new text in the header and/or footer & lo! it will only appear in the new style pages & not the old (phew, wipe brow with relief).

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Greetings Alex!

I am sorry to say that your answer his not helping me. I follow each instruction and nothing is working. I break the page, write the header and still, what I write, appears on the other pages. Is there something else you can recommend? Thank you.

@JosePR12 Your comment does not say that you wrote and applied a new page style to take effect after the manual page break. It’s critical to do so for @alex-kemp 's instructions to work.

I just fixed the problem. Thank you Alex and JKEngineer.

Good. Was it the page style?
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