how do I make a spreadsheet with 31 pages of the same layout to be filled in later

I need to create a file that has up to 31 pages all the same (each to be one day in a month) so I can fill in different details for each day. How to I make a spreadsheet template that has all this to use again

kiss: there is a function ‘move or copy sheet’ when you right-click on a sheet tab at the bottom of the screen, just define and layout one sheet, then use ‘copy’, and then change what’s needed individually on the sheets,


Excellent thank you

I would suggest, you create 1 Dolument with 2 sheets,

The 1st sheet holding the Layout+Style with placeholders (aka. marked insert points)
The 2nd sheet holding the variable/insertable data together with an action switch to insert/autofill said data into the 1st sheet (on demand).

  • If you need more detailed instruction, just ask in the comments.

Hope that helps.

OK thank you

My problem is solved thank you very much, copied and pasted by selecting all tabs