How does one convert the same specific text strings with the same hyperlink

I’m using a spreadsheet primarily for documentation purposes just as a preference. My problem is that I have several texts(words,phrases) throughout the document that I want to change to hyperlinks. I started doing it on a individual basis but found it to be too laborious.
Find and replace seemed to be the solution but when I used =HYPERLINK in replace the text of the replace would be entered not the result of the HYPERLINK function. Believe me I tried several attempts at this and I am at a loss.
For instance,

  1. “King Edward VIII” is the first cell in a row of related information.
  2. Used EDWARD instead of “King Edward VIII” as future entries were made.
  3. in hindsight, It became apparent that it would be best to hyperlink the dozens of #2 to #1 above.
  4. I started to hyperlink on an individual basis but decided to investigate to see if this could be done across the board.
  5. Find/Replace seemed to be promising, used EDWARD as Find and tried various =HYPERLINK options.
  6. The replace line text would be entered not the desired result of the hyperlink formula to go back to the initial row in #1.

Simply, how do all EDWARD text entries get converted to a hyperlink referencing “King Edward VIII”?

I decided that the mass replacement of words to hyper-links is a no-no for Calc so I think I have a question that better suits my needs. Can one click or double-click on one word to expand on it without traversing to another location/document. Using the example above I would l like to list a short phrase like “King EDWARD VIII after being the Prince of Wales” when one clicks on the word EDWARD. Comments are OK for Cells and are too obtrusive when there are many instances.