How to do a horizontal screen split

I’ve been a happy Open Office user til recently. Works fine if I am mostly inactive - looking up stuff. Keeps crashing when I get active with data input, color formats, etc.
I just installed LibreOffice and was thrilled to see the dates converted just fine - major problem with Excel. Mostly looks great.
Question: How do I do a horizontal screen split on a spreadsheet? It obviously isn’t under the ‘Window’ tab where I used to find it. Using Libre version
Thanks, Marilyn

At the right end of the horizontal scrollbar you find a tiny element shown as a short vertical line. You can drag it with the mouse (initially only to the left, later right/left). That’s the splitter.

There is a respective splitter for horizontal splitting at the top end of the vertical scrollbar.

A sheet for which already a ‘Freeze’ is set has the conflicting splitter(s) disabled.
First splitting and subsequently trying to set a freeze may result in inconsistencies.

See also my comment concerning “Split + Freeze” on the answer by @MarkMcLean .

(Having created a split I do not know a way in the UI to cross the border line for selections without using the mouse. Somebody knows?)

Thanks! I wouldn’t have found that for a long time. Marilyn

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I was not aware of the horizontal / vertical splitters but now I am! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Select Cell…View/Freeze Rows Columns.

That’s not exaxtly a split in the traditional meaning of the term.
By the way: Splitting and freezing cannot be used at the same time. Starting with the splitters and trying a frreeze subsequently results in inconsistencies in the view.

Ah, new tool or option to me, didn’t know of split, thought they meant freeze. Thanks again Lupp.

No matter.
The horizontal split was already a feature in StarOffice 5.2 of 2000 (at latest).
Horizontal and vertcal split are “legacy”. They were already done the same way in LibreOffice 3.3 (the very first version under the new brand).
But I didn’t use it much and had actually forgotten about it when a question in this forum some time ago brought back faint memories.
AOO and LibO still even have the same bug concerning the “split first, then freeze” inconsistency.