How to get hyphenation for Turkish?

How can i add line break/hyphenation - end of words that won’t fit page.
And how can i do that automatically? Can i do that already written document?

I’m using Libreoffice 7.5.0
And i think Turkish language don’t have that option. Am i right?

What do you mean by line break? A line break continues the paragraph but on a new line, Formatting Marks shows ↵

Do you mean hyphenation? This page, Language/Support - The Document Foundation Wiki, shows a question mark for Turkish. This old question has same problem, LibreOffice Writer - Hyphenation is not working.

Yes, hyphenation. I can’t add “-” end of words. And ctrl - is manual. It’s kinda useless. Seems like it’s problem at Turkish. But i really need that.
Is there any mod for it? I don’t wanna use microsoft word for this…

Someone else might be able to help. You might get more targeted help if you change the title to something like How to get hyphenation for Turkish

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Thank you. I changed the title. I wrote 3000 page novel at this program and i loved to use it. But if i can’t use hyphenation. I think i have to fix at by using Microsoft word…

From above links it seems the package does not contain hyphenation.
Somebody fixed the same problem for Affinity designer, as this uses Hunspell-dictionaries as LibreOffice also do:

Turns out the dictionary came from LibreOffice, the hyphenation from a project on github derived from older work wich was adapted to hunspell:

If this works for you, please report back. Maybe this can be integrated to LibreOffice. One has to check, if the mentioned GPL v3 allows this.

You are welcome to do. IMHO it is up to the part of the community, wich uses a language to provide the tools they wish to use. If they prefer to use M$-Office, I wont interfere.
PS: As often there is also TeX possible.