How to install LibreOffice on the Linux PinePhone & developement startup

Whe are happy to anounce that whe managed to install LibreOffice on the Linux PinePhone. Instruction how to do it can be found here:

We did not do any profound testing, but is it not great to have LibreOffice installed on a Linux phone? A first look showed that it would be highly desirable to have an optimized version of LibreOffice for Linux phones, smaller menus and smaller boxes. Developers and testers welcome.

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I’m afraid that the number of questions you ask won’t speed things up, nor will finding a better answer. Probably no one here has experience with this.
Why don’t you go to a discuss page for PinePhone.

This information is not a real question and would have been better located as a solution to your previous question about PinePhone. As is, it rather participates in cluttering the site and leaves the other question unsolved, which is bad. I encourage you to transfer the information there and delete this one.

I suppose at PIne64 there is no big interest in LibreOffice, since it is not a touchable app. This is more a question about LibreOffice “special edition” for a Linux phone. It is not only the PinePhone, several users of Ubuntu Toch phones reported that they installed LibreOffice on their devices. According to my own little experience, LibreOffice should work with a external keyboard and a mouse. Do you think it is possible to rezise for instance the message boxes which are to big in a “LibreOffice special edition”?

I tried to delete the other question, since it is redundant as you proposed, but I was not able to delete the first post. Therefore linked the solution to this question.