How to update LO to 4.1 in Ubuntu?

I would like to update LibreOffice to 4.1 but I don’t want to wait for Ubuntu to offer updates (it takes weeks sometimes)… what is PPA (repository) for LibreOffice 4.1 Official Release?

LibreOffice 4.1 is just released. i think we have wait some days and will be added in:

Otherwise you can download and install .deb packages manually. But is better to wait for Official PPA.

I didn’t know how to use this link… has the answer: for Ubuntu 13.10 saucy, 13.04 raring, 12.04 LTS precise.

Versions were in the ppa with the release announcement.

I didn’t figure out how to install it this way :-/

It detected that I use an Ubuntu variant and displayed links to tarballs full of debs.

This is manuall instal… I wanted to install it automatically (and all updates that will come later as well)

I installed it with the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


However, I had problem with menu showing with delays of few seconds (, so I removed it… I will wait for official release and hope it will be fixed…

This is getting way too complicated for my simple mind. Think I will wait for the Official release. However, I would like to have LibreOffice on my computer. Knowing that I have downloaded the latest and greatest version (but without the menus) can I just download the previous version or do I have to remove the new version. And, if so, how?