I am trying to turn a spreadsheet page into a jpg or similar.

I have created a spreadsheet where I can change the images and title of the images. I am working on getting flower labels sorted.
I have just about done that … went to upload it to snapfish and realised that they can’t read as it is. I have absolutely no idea how to turn my spreadsheet into a jpeg or the like. Is it even possible? Do I have to transfer in into Libre Draw first? Will the ratios and sizes stay the same if I manage to do that? It is important that the sizes stay the same.

Rather than publish your spreadsheet as a JPG image using the Snapfish site, have you considered exporting the spreadsheet as a PDF document that anyone can read? (Use menu File → Export as PDF.) This process might be much simpler than producing an image.

Please try to find a short title for your question and put the rest into details. Thanks in advance …

Mark your picture and title.

Select the menu File>Export...

In the dialog box “Export”:

  1. Choose a file name
  2. Choose “Save as type” → JPG
  3. Set checkmark to “Selection”.

and “Save” in the desired folder.

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