I created a linked database in Base. However it will not allow me to add or create any additional tables. How can I create tables?

The Table creating links are greyed out and it will not allow me to copy a table from another Base file.

@TomTom1 What do you mean by ...a linked database? Is this linked to a spreadsheet? More info please about your setup.

Please be more specific about the linked database, the version of LO and the OS.


I will guess that the Base file created was done so by connecting to a spreadsheet.

First understand that Base is NOT a database. Base is a front end to data (albeit largely to databases). If you create a new Base file & use the current default you will use the embedded HSQL v1.8 database (LO v6.1 Beta 2 currently defaults to Firebird v3). Otherwise the source of the data is the connection chosen.

With that information, connecting Base to a spreadsheet means all data for that Base file will come from that spreadsheet. You cannot create new tables or copy tables into that Base file. Base doesn’t know where in the Calc file to put the table data. If you want something new in that Base file it needs to be added to the Calc file it is linked to.

If you want to use an actual database, you need to take an entirely different approach.

OK Got it. Thanks for your help. I’ll take a different approach.