Is it planned to make the AppImage update method work?


i noticed that the provided AppImage (still,standard) contains the following update information.

Parsing file: LibreOffice-still.standard-x86_64.AppImage
AppImage type: 2
Raw update information: zsync|
Update information type: Generic ZSync URL
Assembled ZSync URL:

so i tried the AppImage update mechanisem via. appimageupdatetool (src. GitHub - AppImage/AppImageUpdate: AppImageUpdate lets you update AppImages in a decentral way using information embedded in the AppImage itself.)

Sadly i got the following error output.

Checking for updates... zsync2: zsync2: 
Reading and/or parsing .zsync file failed! 
Update check failed, exiting!

The Assembled ZSync URL does not seem to be present.

Normally i would have expected fo get the following output

Checking for updates...
... done!
Update not required, exiting.

So is it planned to make the AppImage update method work?


I found hat zsync artefacts seem to be availabe at least for the daily builds.

But even those Appimages do not contain valid zsync urls
The note at the bottom of the page holds the correct url which is for example:

But the corresponding AppImage zsync url points to

This seems to be an general error with the AppImage Build / Construction

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I updated the tags as requested

Thank you!

I tried to get in contact with who i assume is the maintainer /
( src: )
But the email i send could not be delivered by the mail server.
I am unsure what todo next.

It seems he also has an account here: Profile - antonio.faccioli - Ask LibreOffice
Is there a way to tag somebody or send them an Private Message? I have not found any documentation on how to do this yet.

A way to send notification to a user is to prefix his alias with an @ sign, e.g. to send me a notification you type @ajlittoz in a comment. A common form is:

 @ajlittoz: you made a mistake in your comment answering my last remark; please update your comment

So, try to add a comment with your question to signor Faccioli. Caution! User name are case sensitive. Use the exact same spelling as shown in the user page (including spaces).

Thank you very much. I am still a bit new to askbot sites. I will do as you suggested.

Here goes.

% these do not seem to work correctly

@Antonio1 Faccioli

@Antonio1 Faccioli

@antonio faccioli




% this looks like it worked

@Antonio1 Faccioli

Hello Mr. Faccioli

would you be so kind to give some feedback regarding this question?
A simple yes or no would suffice, but if it’s a yes, knowing a rough timeframe if one exists would be even better.
Hope i am not asking to much or at an inconvenient time. Anyway, thank you in advance.

edited by ajlittoz: changed user name to the spelling in his account

@igorlius: if name doesn’t turn blue, you misspelled the name

UPDATE: there seems to be an “Antonio” user. I don’t know if my tweaks succeed in reaching the right Antonio Faccio

@igorlius: congratulation, you’ve got it!

For the record: full URL with scheme and host name, standard space replaced by &nbsp; in the “comment” part of the <a> link.

I just hope i did not create a notification storm by all that editing and playing around.
If so, i am terribly sorry.

Apparently, Antonio has not come back since Sept 2019. I don’t think he’ll ever get the notification(s).

As for “notification storm”, notifications are merged question per question. So, signor Faccioli will get a single ring up but, yes, his log will show our attempts but I think these are less numerous than for Antonio.

Good to know, thank you.

If he is registered with the email, i am pretty sure he will not be getting any notification.
Would it be possible to check that?

Just to know if it is worth waiting for an answer or not.

He’s present both on .en and .it. Last seen on 2020-05-08. I think he’s more active on .it than on .en because his karma is respectively 1 and 681.

Update: he’s given 91 answers, all in Italian language, but the “leg” does not matter. As long as he’s registered, he’ll receive notification … if he opens his browser on (unless he configured his account for email notification).

Well, than i guess there is nothing more todo than wait for now.

@ajlittoz: Thank you again for your help and support. You have my gratitude and respect for taking the time out of your day to help others.