Is it planned to make the AppImage update method work?

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A way to send notification to a user is to prefix his alias with an @ sign, e.g. to send me a notification you type @ajlittoz in a comment. A common form is:

 @ajlittoz: you made a mistake in your comment answering my last remark; please update your comment

So, try to add a comment with your question to signor Faccioli. Caution! User name are case sensitive. Use the exact same spelling as shown in the user page (including spaces).

@igorlius: congratulation, you’ve got it!

For the record: full URL with scheme and host name, standard space replaced by &nbsp; in the “comment” part of the <a> link.

Apparently, Antonio has not come back since Sept 2019. I don’t think he’ll ever get the notification(s).

As for “notification storm”, notifications are merged question per question. So, signor Faccioli will get a single ring up but, yes, his log will show our attempts but I think these are less numerous than for Antonio.

He’s present both on .en and .it. Last seen on 2020-05-08. I think he’s more active on .it than on .en because his karma is respectively 1 and 681.

Update: he’s given 91 answers, all in Italian language, but the “leg” does not matter. As long as he’s registered, he’ll receive notification … if he opens his browser on (unless he configured his account for email notification).