LibreOffice 5.1: can't paste cells into table

LibreOffice 5.1 appears to have broken copying and pasting of cells within tables in Writer.

What I’m doing: copy (or cut) one or multiple cells within a table. Paste into the same (or another) table.

What I’d expect to happen: the contents of the copied cells are pasted into the cells where you’ve hit paste. So say you’ve copied four cells in a column and paste into another column, I’d expect the contents of the first cell to appear in the cell where you’ve hit paste, the contents of the second cell to appear in the cell below that, and so on. This was the behaviour in all previous versions, and (frankly) in every other word processor I’ve ever used.

What actually happens: to be honest, it’s not easy to tell. It seems to end up pasting all the copied cells inside the cell where you’ve hit paste, but it does so in a really broken way, messing up the cell width etc so you can’t even see the pasted cells properly.

System details: running Fedora 24 Workstation, x86-64. I reported this on the Fedora forum and another user confirmed they are also experiencing this behaviour and recommended I report upstream. I’m away from my Fedora box right now but think the LibreOffice version is It’s whatever is the current version in Fedora 24 anyway.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

FYI: Tried on LO v5.1.3.2 & v5.3.0 alpha on xubuntu 16.04 & all works as stated in Expect to Happen. LO was downloaded from LibreOffice and not Ubuntu.

Hi, thanks: I’ve passed that on to the Fedora forum.

Looks like this was a Fedora-specific issue; latest Fedora update has fixed. Issue can be closed.

I am having the same problem on Windows 7 with LibreOffice, a stable version when I downloaded. I copied a table to Calc to edit the numbers and use simple formulas. I am not able to paste the numbers back properly to Writer.

When I converted to MS Excel and Word 2010, copy and paste works as expected. I had hoped to dump these products, but not so fast.

Update: I updated to the “fresh” version of LibreOffice, No change in behavior.