LibreOffice closes down after a while

I’m running the latest version (7.1.5) of Libre Office on a new Mac (OS Big Sur). It works well for the most part, but I’m having one particular problem: Libre Office closes down after some time of idleness. If I don’t use it for some minutes, I have to restart it, and the restart takes surprisingly long time – much longer time than before, and much longer time than other programs (maybe 20–30 seconds). This slows down my work pace, as I often go back and forth between various applications. It looks as if the app is open, because it has that Apple style dot beside it in the dock, but it is actually closed. What can be wrong? Is there a way of making LibreOffice stay open?

Welcome! I added tags to help Mac experts find your question. I can tell that what you describe is not standard behavior, but not being a Mac expert myself, I can’t offer a solution. Maybe you should add information about the file size, that might be an issue here. In general, give as much (relevant) information as possible. You started well with OS and LO version number. :slight_smile: