Most frequent words in a column

What i’m trying to do ist this:
I want to evaluate my performance in a game where in each match i play a different character. Now i enter each Character manually in a column and want to extract what character(s) I play most often.
Is there a way to get the string that occurs most often in that column?

Thanks in advance,

I see several ways to get this information inside Calc:

  1. Use a pivot table. Mark the column including heading and call Data > Pivot table. Drag the heading button to the 'Row Fields' and drag it to the 'Data Fields'. Double click the button in the 'Data Fields' and change its type from 'Sum' to 'Count'. OK. Mark the output range of the pivot table and sort it by the count column.
  2. Provide a numerical coding for your Character names. Put the relation between Character name and number in a separate code table, number at the right side. Keep it ascending sorted by the number. You can add the number to your already existing list of Character names by using the function VLOOKUP on the name and the code table. Make sure you use FALSE() as last parameter, because your names might not be sorted. To get the code number of the most played character use the function MODE or LARGE on the list. Unfortunately MODE and LARGE only works on numbers; therefore you need the coding. And then you can use the function LOOKUP to get the name, which is associated to this code, from your code table.
  3. If it is a finite well known list of Character names, then you can list them in a separate column and use the function FREQUENCY to count how often each one is used.