Page numbering gone wonky after inserting new chapter

Hi there,

I have split an existing chapter of my book, creating some new headings. Everything is fine, except for the page numbering… Now It starts at 1 at the beginning of the book, as it should, and reaches page 19, where I inserted one of the new headings, and then it goes back to 1 and it increases one page at a time till the end.

It is driving me demented… I have tried all I could think of, but nothing.
It has happened to me in the past, but I have no idea how I fixed it the first time…

Some more info… The problem is between page 19 and 20 (or 1…) I have tried to delete large chunks of text, but the problem simply moves around. There are no page/section breaks and I habve no idea where else to look.

Reading another answer I tried to look in Edit paragraph style/text flow, but there is nothing strange or unusual there.

I saw something like that yesterday (was called for help). Closing the document and opening it again did wonders.

mahfiaz, I was about to say the same thing. I had to close my doc, and when I reopened it I noticed tye problem had gone… Well, at least the problem is now solved…

In my case, when I tried to reopen the file, the pagination in the bottom bar skyrockets until the app crashes.