Problems with this Forum

I am finding that for a while the connection times out of if it does connect it returns a page “Service Unavailable”. What is happening?

I also see this over the last few days, sometimes unavailable for a few hours.

Same for me. Was wondering why nothing is posted about it.

Happened to me several times this week.

I think the better it’s report at the Website ML

I have posted it on nabble.

Happens here too, on a good connection in NY. I often get server hang, and occasionally bouts of failure to connect, which happened several times the past few days. The servers are often so slow that it’s hard for people to upvote, as it doesn’t register fast enough and they click again, canceling the initial upvote.

Since we have here a thread on the forum itself, let me mention that I find this Ask format problematic. The formatting is weird, but worse is the throwing of all topics into one flat board, the size limitations on comments, and the fact that comments do not promote the topic to the top, so it’s easy to miss them. I’m certainly not seeing the advantage of this format over the traditional forums format with a few subforums.

I agree with your comment.

Down again for 7 hours - just come back but very very slow.