Problems working with rotated images in Writer

I have a rectangular image in a LOWriter document. Imagine a ‘landscape’ image placed on a ‘portrait’ blank page. Now, if I rotate the image by 90deg to bring it to a ‘portrait’ orientation, I notice the following behaviour:

  1. I am unable to enlarge the image to fill the page. The size remains constrained to a specific dimension, as if the image was never rotated, and bound by the page dimensions.

  2. If this rotated image happens to be in the middle of a document, playing with its position and size results in very bizarre behaviour. It becomes extremely difficult to position it in the way you want it.

I tried various anchor and wrap settings, but none could solve my problem. The only solution I found was to rotate the image in an external editor before inserting it in my document. I am working with an ODT file with LO 6.2.2. Any clues?

Ok so I’ve just learnt about the bug repository and it seems that the behaviour described above are known bugs, see below.

Resizing Problem

Repositioning Problem

My advice is: avoid using the rotate function for now, unless you have square images!

I don’t how to directly report this to the LibreOffice Dev team. I’m not sure if this is an easy fix or should have been included in the updates released. As of now, it’s October 2020 and this problem has not been addressed. And yes, the quick work around though, as what I do with my documents, is to rotate the image with our image editor software before inserting it in Writer. Guess we have to stick to it for some more time.