Search criteria has 9E+100. What does it mean

In spreadsheet the search criteria in a VLOOKUP functions is 9E+100. The column expected to search is E and I would understand E9, but what does 9E+100 mean?


9E+100 is the scientific notation of 9 x 10^100 and that got nothing to do with a cell E9 but a very large number with a leading 9 followed by 100 zeroes ( just like 9 million = 9 000 000 [9 and 6 times a zero] in scientific notation would read 9E+6)

See also Number Format Codes in LibreOffice Help.

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You can return the last numeric value in a column when you use an extremely large number as the lookup value (to be sure that it will be larger than any number) and 9E+100 is an EXTREMELY LARGE number, it a 9 with 100 zero behind it. Almost a Googol number Googol - Wikipedia

=VLOOKUP(9E+100… for numeric to return the last value

I would ad when searching for the last text value a series of “zzzzzzz” will have the same effect for text than 9E+100 for numerics

=VLOOKUP( “zzzzzzz”… for text to return the last value