Search for last weeks document titles

Or last months, or so many weeks

I have a document and have forgotten the name. It happens to folks born before WW2 :slight_smile:

This should be a typical task for the file manager of the Operating System probably assisted by an indexing engine.
Supposing your OS is a version of Windows, the file manager is named ‘Explorer’. You surely often use it. If you actually don’t know how to call it, search the desktop and the system tray for it or try ‘WinKey’+‘E’. Unfortunately MS changed to a next to unusable interface (“Ribbon”) I cannot advise about because it is just mud in my eyes.

Go to the folder you regularly save your documents to.
Choose a view showing all the relevant details including extensions …
Sort by ‘Date’ or ‘Last changed’ or similar. …
You should also get offered a little field top right to enter search expressions. You may use there a *part*.odt if you remember the string “part” as a part of the forgotten filename and the filetype ‘Writer’ text document for the extension.

If you DEselect the option ‘Use LibreOffice dialogue boxes’ under ‘Tools’>'Options>‘LibreOffice’>‘General’ you will get offered many of the capabilities of the file manager also when applying ‘File’>‘Open’.

If you have selected the above mentioned option and you make the box wide enough you can also sort by ‘Date modified’.

Hope this helps.
Lupp (born during WW2)