Small caps how to do it


on writer application as Word 2016 there is a option that make a text as small caps by a keyboard combination.
I need it for academic paper purpose. I searched on the text menu but useless.
Is there a way to do it?

Notice that since LibO 5.3 you can use OpenType substitutions to get real small caps just by adding “:smcp” (without quotes) to the font name. Not all fonts support this feature, though (the default LibO font, Liberation Serif, does not provide any OpenType feature), but many fonts do, like Libertinus Serif. Just use as font name

Libertinus Serif:smcp

to get the effect.

EDIT: See the screenshot

I didn’t understand how should I do it

I added a screenshot to my post. There I used character properties (right click → Character) but of course you can add the OpenType tag to styles too.

This works in Calc too, unlike the accepted answer.

Styles and Formatting (F11)-Character Styles-choose or create required style-right click-Modify-Font Effects tab-Effects: Small capitals. After that, you may use the style, including assigning the style to a key combination (using Tools-Customize).

Also, you may apply this as manual formatting (inferior) using Format-Character.... This is available for key binding in customization dialog under Format category.