Were should I report my bug, at my linux distro or directly at LibreOffice?

Were should LibreOffice bugs be reported? To the distribution (e.g. Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian, gentoo …) or directly to LibreOffice?

good question :slight_smile:

For Ubuntu: If you want to report bugs:

  • in a release from the 3.4.X or older series, please report to Launchpad first as LibreOffice is still heavily patched there.
  • for releases from 3.5.0 onwards you can mostly assume that any bug in the Ubuntu-version is also in the upstream version. So there is nothing stoping you from reporting the bug to LibreOffice right away. Reporting the bug to Launchpad too still makes sense to raise visiblity (and reporting to Launchpad is easy anyway for an Ubuntu user). When reporting LibreOffice bugs upstream make sure you have the full LibreOffice suite installed with sudo apt-get install libreofficenote that the default install does not ship with a full LibreOffice installation.