When I highlight a word to delete it leaves double word space

When i highlight a word to delete it doesn’t automatically delete the extra word space. Other word processing programs automatically do this. How can I program Libra writer to do this? Thanks.

yes, this is not as expected.

The enhancement request to get this behaviour changed is fdo#61843.

I think it depends on the changes you want to make. When I look for The it matters to me whether this is a complete word The(+blank) and not part of another word for example These. So I feel that any ‘enhancement’ should be optional, perhaps a switch to turn the blank character on and off. Can you not do this already looking for The(+blank)?. Peter

It is certainly possible to perform find/replace using Search for [ ]a[ ] (space-term-space) and Replace with [ ] (space), but I think the question is in relation to MS Word behaviour of double-click on a word, highlighting the word, and then pressing delete, removing not only the word, but also the trailing space.

Hi there! Maybe I’m missing something here, but It seems like the easiest way to do this is to highlight the word plus a single space, if you’re doing it manually, or add a space at the end of the word you type into the find & replace text box, if you’re doing it that way. I tested both of these methods, and they work fine…

I looked at the bug report; it was entered in early 2013 and still not assigned, so I wouldn’t expect this to be implemented any time soon!

I suppose “dwight” wants to do the selection of the word to delete by a DoubleClick into the word. This presently will select the word without one of the neighbouring spaces (if present).

I also suppose: Neither “dwight” nor that “Pedro” who filed the enhancement request mentioned spent a few minutes to think about the implications. There are at least 3 objections. No new silly automatism, please! Wishes are many…Fairies to fulfil them exactly as the actual user has in mind are rare.

Thanks each of you for your answers. I am new to Libre Office and not aware of protocols so appreciate your including the enhancement request which is along the line of what i’m looking for. Pedro, you have it exactly, that like MS Word or Apple’s Pages, (can’t remember if it was a function in OpenOffice) when you double-click on a word to delete it, any extra word spaces are removed as well. It’s not the end of the world, just means when i delete i need to hit the delete button 2x. Being a writer/editor the number of times i do this adds up.

Loop, you refer to silly automatism. aside from the somewhat surly tone of your response, i would like to clarify. as for automatism this has been a basic function of word processing software for as long as i can remember so am i to be faulted in wondering if there is a way to set the software to function as such? as to fairies, i can well appreciate that this is open source, that not all wishes can be easily fulfilled. I am profoundly grateful for all the programmers who generously contribute their time and expertise to creating an alternative to Word so in no way was i complaining. it was only an inquiry and being new here i apologize for not being astute enough to think of implications.

to conclude, and forgive the lengthy message, i understand that Libre Office does not have this functionality and will not have in the foreseeable future? again not a complaint, only a clarification.

be well and thank each of you again

OK, Writer isn’t the component of LibreOffice (StarOffice, OpenOffice for years) i used most. That’s Calc. But I really suffered (and still do) from behaviour of the software that I call (excuse me) “silly smart features”. Any such feature may save one or another user some seconds - every day? every week? - If another user isn’t just a bit annoyed but driven mad by effects he does definitely not want and cannot even tolerate in some cases he may use up some hours to find workarounds.