Writer with pictures often fails

I can confirm that this issue persists in LibreOffice on Mac OS 10.9. Bugs have been filed, sometimes closed (“resolved”) but the problem is still here. It makes LO unusable for me.

Using here on a win8 OS, i7 quad core w/ 16gb RAM. Increased all the allowable limits and cache thinking this was the issue.Problem still persists to the point I may have to switch back to an old copy of Word as much as I loathe m$.I create several reports a month.They contain about 100-150 pages with roughly 30-50 images in each report. A lot of the content/format is the same so I simply change the names and dates and pics.Typically, on the 2nd “change image” it crashes and I lose work.

Maybe → Bug 33393 - After autosave image shows read-error and will be lost on save [Status: RESOLVED FIXED, target:3.6.0, target:3.5.1]

EDIT 2013-02-05

See also → Bug 47148 - image caching / management is utterly shambolic

Status: NEW — Blocks: fdo#46447 · fdo#52226 · fdo#52433 · fdo#54551 · fdo#55312 · fdo#78067

Thanks for your answer…

fdo#46447 · Status: RESOLVED FIXED

fdo#52226 · Status: RESOLVED FIXED

fdo#52433 · Status: VERIFIED FIXED

Can help the options in Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Memory?. Defaults are too lows.

Edited: 20140515

Resetting the user profile, sometimes helps with strange issues:

This definately seems to be the issue. I had been adding pics with the image cashe increased to 60mb, when I reached 63mb I started loosing pictures. Most worryingly I didn’t even get a ‘read error’ the pic was just not there, no space, no place holder. Now with cashe set to 160mb seems stable again. However another factor is what else is running, I found that if I was using 1-by-1 to play music in the background it caused more frequent errors, so that cashe is not inviolate - Vista 2GB RAM

Not fixed. It happened in LibreOffice too.

I am having exactly the same problem. I am trying to make a diary of a vacation, including 90 or so pictures. The pictures are large. However every so often it will autosave, and at that point it will crash and then when I open it up, a bunch of pictures will have disappeared. I wonder if the problem has to do with memory, but I have 16GB of memory and am running Windows 8 64bit, so that doesn’t make sense - unless there is a setting somewhere I need to increase.

I have exactly the same problem in Impress and it seems to be still there in 3.6.4 under windows XP. It is happening for large presentations and frnakly becoming a show stopper since I prepare university lectures.

Seems the same as bug Bug #: 53227

fdo#53227 – Status: NEEDINFO

fdo#53227 – Status: RESOLVED WORKSFORME

Not resolved, I’m using LibreOffice Writer on Windows 7 32-bits, and have the same problem.

Can a developer please help us and provide a fix?

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Not resolved in LibreOffice Writer 4.0 on windows 7.

This is really an egregious bug on what, IMHO, is pretty basic functionality. Can we PLEASE get a fix checked in on this ASAP?

This is stilling happening sometimes, I create 2 photo album-like documents and crashed 3 times.

Besides, it’s somewhat difficult to create a photo album-like document.

Improve the image processing?

FYI- Seems to work much better if you save as MS Word 97/200/2003.

I had the same problem with NeoOffice and OpenOffice. I’ve just moved to LibreOffice which seems much better in many respects (can create .docx) but images still sometimes disappear (not always, which makes it all the more puzzling). I work around the problem by creating and sending PDFs but it’s not really satisfactory.

Like the people above, I’d really appreciate a solution.

This is still happening in OpenOffice but no longer seems to be a problem in NeoOffice 3.3 Patch 5 so I’ve switched back to NeoOffice.

This is still happening with

Build ID: 70feb7d99726f064edab4605a8ab840c50ec57a

On MacOS 10.9