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2021-02-11 17:01:58 +0100 rozet alındı  Önemli Soru (kaynak)
2021-01-25 23:15:26 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)
2021-01-25 23:15:26 +0100 rozet alındı  Önemli Soru (kaynak)
2020-12-31 08:49:46 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş mailmerge salutations

LO mailmerge in writer says it has a way of creating conditional salutation. Can anything useful be done with this feature? It appears to allow different greetings for male or female recipients based on criteria from the database. However the field list suggested is not the field list of the database concerned, but an totally unconnected list of fields. Am I being stupid (quite possible) or is this a serious bug - an incomplete feature released prematurely by the look of it? (the third tag was meant to say 'salutation', but it does not seem possible to correct it.)

2020-12-31 08:48:06 +0100 rozet alındı  Önemli Soru (kaynak)
2020-12-29 09:35:37 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş Using criteria in e-mail mailmerge

I have a registered database which I want to use to generate e-mails from writer, using LO's own e-mail system. There appear to be several problems with the system. One is that using a query to select certain records does not work. I open the database, navigate to the query, and it displays correctly. When I generate the e-mails, an e-mail is generated for every record, not only the ones selected by the query.

2020-12-29 09:35:11 +0100 rozet alındı  Popüler Soru (kaynak)
2020-12-28 18:19:40 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı impress command to select to start of block

Thanks ebot. Reported bug. Very annoying. In the meantime, can I work around by changing language?

2020-12-28 18:02:34 +0100 rozet alındı  Önemli Soru (kaynak)
2020-12-28 18:02:28 +0100 rozet alındı  Önemli Soru (kaynak)
2020-12-28 13:38:01 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Separate files history

Clever! I don't suppose you have the code?

2020-12-28 13:34:52 +0100 bir soru cevapladı How to insert Greek and Hebrew characters into documents written in English using LibO 6.0.2

I type Biblical Greek in LO under Ubuntu. I install ibus: $ sudo apt-get install ibus ibus-m17n m17n-db m17n-contrib i

2020-12-28 13:21:10 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı What does ODF file mean?

There's no harm in suggesting what may be happening and offering a solution on that assumption. It might be more helpful

2020-12-28 13:16:59 +0100 bir soru cevapladı edit a macro created in a excel sheet

I take it the macro is connected to a button. To work on the button, choose View-Toolbars-Form_Controls, then click on t

2020-12-26 16:42:01 +0100 bir soru sordu impress command to select to start of block

impress command to select to start of block The impress documentation says that the keystrokes shift-ctrl-home and shift

2020-12-16 12:19:08 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı mailmerge salutations

Thank you for your answer, Ratslinger. I should have said that I am trying to e-mail the documents, if it makes a differ

2020-12-16 07:06:41 +0100 rozet alındı  Popüler Soru (kaynak)
2020-12-15 22:36:06 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Adding Line break before sections

It's possible to search for a particular font size. In the Find and Replace window, click on 'Attributes' button at the

2020-12-15 22:26:01 +0100 bir soru sordu mailmerge salutations

mailmerge salutations LO mailmerge in writer says it has a way of creating conditional salutation. Can anything useful b

2020-12-15 22:18:13 +0100 bir soru sordu Using criteria in e-mail mailmerge

Using criteria in e-mail mailmerge I have a registered database which I want to use to generate e-mails from writer, usi

2020-11-08 19:17:28 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Kerning in LibreOffice 6 is still bad

It is only the 'gentle' transitions which are giving me a problem - eg fade, ripple, fine dissolve. The more energetic o

2020-10-25 15:12:54 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş previous slide while music playing (solved)

In an Impress presentation I have a sound file which is activated by a slide transition and plays across several slides. It works fine, playing through several slides with a 'no sound' transition, until it reaches a slide with the transition 'stop previous sound' and it stops. So far so good. However, if while the sound is playing I try to move to the previous slide (page up, left arrow, backspace etc) the program advances to the next slide instead. After the 'stop previous sound', the slide changes revert to the expected behaviour. Although this seems quite clever (to know that a 'no sound' transition is irreversible while a sound is playing), it is sometimes annoying. Can I do anything to ensure that 'previous' means previous?

LO 5.1, Ubuntu 14.04 (I believe this also happens on Windows 7 and LO 4.)

2020-10-25 15:11:18 +0100 rozet alındı  Popüler Soru (kaynak)
2020-10-22 01:14:00 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)
2020-10-22 01:13:43 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş listeners when impress runs in 'default' window type (solved)

Impress runs in 'Default' or 'Window' mode. In Window mode, the presentation is displayed in the same window as the main impress design app. (I'm not sure of the correct terminology here). In Default mode, the presentation runs in its own (usually full-screen) window. A presentation is usually made in Default mode, because in Window mode, the screen or external monitor displays the control app panels and menus as well as the presentation slide, which is obviously not wanted.

Now the problem ... When a listener is set in basic macro, it receives broadcasts in Window mode, but apparently not in Default mode.C:\fakepath\TestListner.odp

Diagnostics are difficult, because in Default mode msgbox and print statements do not appear (and they are dodgy in window mode). Could it be that in Default mode the presentation app is no longer 'ThisComponent'? If so, is it possible to make the actual presentation a listener? Or is the problem something else?

The attached document contains some macros. When 'StartMusicAndShow is run, the presentation begins at the first slide, plays some music in vlc, and kills the music when the first slide ends. I works in Window mode, but in Default mode it fails to kill the music.

2020-10-16 11:19:18 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Calc: Neater way to ignore errors

What result do you want when the formula fails? You can work around the error by writing the formula into a macro functi

2020-10-10 08:48:17 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)
2020-09-29 15:14:14 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş strange 1st character when saving as text (solved)

Very strange behaviour! When I open any .odt file and save as .txt, the first character of the first line is asc(65279) (zero-width no-break space). Any reason for this? Can I prevent it? A bug?

2020-09-29 15:12:47 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)
2020-08-11 16:28:02 +0100 bir soru cevapladı send email using mail merge

The LO e-mail seems to be dysfunctional. If you use the wizard, it tries to access you default e-mail client and fails.

2020-08-11 12:21:20 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)
2020-08-04 18:28:46 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş Access current cell from macro in Calc (solved)

I want to call a macro from a cell in a spreadsheet, and I want to access the particular cell to use its contents in the macro. It seems an obvious thing to want to do, but I can't seem to find out how. Can someone tell me how to address 'current cell' or even 'current sheet?'

2020-08-03 02:05:27 +0100 rozet alındı  Popüler Soru (kaynak)
2020-07-22 09:01:45 +0100 rozet alındı  Popüler Soru (kaynak)
2020-06-19 08:52:05 +0100 rozet alındı  Güzel Cevap (kaynak)
2020-06-06 12:25:56 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)
2020-06-03 13:30:59 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)
2020-05-19 10:43:23 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Is there a Hand tool in LibreOffice Writer

Din't know you could triple and quad-click in LO. Thanks for that little gem, @ajlittoz.

2020-05-18 10:48:43 +0100 rozet alındı  Eleştirmen (kaynak)
2020-05-18 10:48:39 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı impress rotates mobile video

Totally useless? How long do you need a video to be to see that it is sideways? Of course I can rotate a picture. What a

2020-05-18 10:47:30 +0100 rozet alındı  Popüler Soru (kaynak)
2020-05-17 19:44:33 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı mouse events in writer document

I don't think you can do that. Could you perhaps select the required element and assign a keystroke to a macro to do wha

2020-05-17 19:36:02 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Live stock quotes(?)

I think you want insert-hyperlink, but you'll need to be sure that the external data is in, or can be manipulated into a

2020-05-17 19:29:02 +0100 soru düzeltilmiş impress rotates mobile video

impress rotates mobile video I am not a smart phone user (ie ignorant), but have received a video clip to insert in a pr

2020-05-16 12:25:51 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş Access the writer search string in the search box from macro?

In writer (& other modules) one can set up a search string by Ctrl-F (or, of course, Edit-Find) and repeat the search using Shift-Ctrl-F. one can also repeat the search forwards and backwards by using the arrows next to the search box. It would be useful to search backwards with a keystroke as well, but there does not appear to be a 'Repeat Search Backwards' command available. I therefore intended to write a macro to do so, but fell at the first hurdle - how does one access the search string which is entered in the search box?