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2013-08-17 22:52:38 +0100 bir soru cevapladı If Then for cell value automatically delete row

If I understood, the behavior that you want is a little bit difficult to reproduce automatically. It's because, using your formula, whenever your spreadsheet was updated a new cell will be deleted. That's how the things work on calc. If you change a single cell, all others cells will be recalculated, which in your case can mean keep deleting cells automatically and indefinitely.

I guess you can find in a different solution. Why do you not simply hide the cell's content? I don't know your problem, of course, so I'm only trying to work around it.

2013-07-29 06:06:08 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı On Cal appers C++ Run Time error and the system needs to Shut down

... and... Linux? Windows?

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2012-09-09 05:47:10 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı problems installing libre office portable

What kind of problem?

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2012-08-12 14:08:15 +0100 bir soru cevapladı cellformat

... but if you insert day and month, what do you want with the autofill resource? The year? In this case, the answer is yes, however you will need to change the cell format, putting, for instance, 'mm/dd/yy'. I hope I had help you.

2012-07-06 01:23:15 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Random cell selection

Hello.. Try this


Works here.

2012-06-04 04:52:45 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı AVARAGE.IF with Excel compatibility?

Nope! If you want to have something like "AVERANGEIF()" you have to use SUMIF()/COUNTIF(). Other ways will return wrong values.

2012-05-16 00:38:53 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Misplaced spreadsheet!

What's your OS?

2012-05-15 04:57:34 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Footnote on the last line of a page

For sure it's a bug. In cases like that, I try to change, not the last, but one (or more) of the others paragraphs on page. Sometimes I put a linebreak (shift + enter) in a line to antecipate the break and change the vertical size of the paragraph. So, doing this kind of changes, I can force part of the last paragraph to go to another page without use a pagebreak and with minimal visual impacts.

image description

2012-05-14 19:14:27 +0100 bir soru cevapladı 3.5 hanging in win 7 32bit

This is not common. Maybe the installation was unsuccessful, or something like this. Did you install the JRE also? My suggestion is download again, uninstall, and finally reinstall (LO and JRE).

2012-05-13 18:04:47 +0100 bir soru cevapladı How can I add numbering to chapter headings?

So... if you already found the answer by yourself, let's see only the 'dialog box' image below. :)

image description

2012-05-13 05:05:39 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Random numbers

In calc, we don't have a random seed, and the function RAND() returns a pseudo random number between 0 and 1. The "automatic seed", perhaps is the time.

2012-05-11 01:31:04 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Running 'yum install *.rpm' on my Fedora system gives "Package libobasis3.5-base-3.5.3-2.i586.rpm is not signed" and the installation aborts.

Try to use option --nogpgcheck. So your line will be like that:

yum install *.rpm --nogpgcheck

But are you sure about the use of *.rpm?

Good luck!

2012-05-09 01:45:52 +0100 bir soru cevapladı AVARAGE.IF with Excel compatibility?

use together:, COUNT.IF()/SUM.IF(). It's compatible and works great.

2012-05-03 05:02:45 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Libre Office 3 Disappears

Try to erase your config files. It's only what occurs me.

Good luck!

2012-05-02 14:37:31 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Resume customization

I suggest that you use a spreadsheet for this part of your resume. So, you can change the positions and marks easily.

Good luck to you! ;)

2012-05-02 14:24:34 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Filling a Writer document with data from Calc cells: how to?


Try to copy the cells that you want (calc) and use the 'Ctrl + Shift + v' for paste in writer. A dialog box will be open and you will can choose some options. I think (and hope) this can help you.

2012-03-28 23:14:09 +0100 rozet alındı  Güzel Cevap (kaynak)
2012-03-19 08:24:49 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Is there an automatic sort function in Calc?

First... you need to think about your whole sheet. Like... where do you need your ordered data? Could you have an area for input and other area for display the ordered data? So, you need to know your necessities and think about a way to work around the problems, using the space that you have in your sheet. A simple function, as I said, doesn't exist. I don't know your especific problem, so I can't help with a especific solution. But I think I can sugest... Look for functions like SMALL(), LARGE(), VLOOKUP()... you can do a lot of things with these kink or functions, since you are using your whole sheet.

2012-03-18 09:04:43 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Is there an automatic sort function in Calc?

Sorry, but the answer is... no! A specific and automatic function doesn't exist. But we have others very good solutions. Maybe you can change your mind and think about an other option instead of a simple function...

2012-03-17 08:54:56 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Calc- Comment issue from prior question on location -

Working around... right-click on the cell and select show comment. So you'll can work in the box like an object.

2012-03-16 05:13:24 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Calc cells shows only formula and not product/output

Hi, see your cells format. Maybe they are formated as Text. In this case, formulas doesn't work. So, change it and try again.

2012-03-12 01:15:32 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Libreoffice Calc Print Range

Look this link, please: I suggest you divide your questions on several questions. This practice can help keep the site more organized. Thks.

2012-03-11 19:36:38 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Libreoffice Calc Print Range


Select the cells and use the menu...

1) Format | Cells (select the tab background and choose a color)

2) Format | Print Ranges | Define

2012-03-09 17:30:35 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Select only full cells on a column

Automatically? Only through macro.

2012-03-09 17:15:06 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Paste unformatted text default option

Unfortunately, these options are not so configurable and you'll need a macro to do what you wanting.

2012-03-08 08:59:18 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Calc: Pivot table with text starting 0 does not display correctly

So, try to change the default style configuring its cells format to 000. Maybe, when the new worksheet is created, this pattern can be adopted. However, this option can bring more problems than solutions, depending on the nature of the rest of your data. I hope that works!

2012-03-08 00:47:59 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Calc: Pivot table with text starting 0 does not display correctly

I'm working with LO 3.4 under linux (fedora) and this problem doesn't occur here. However, in your case, I think you can try to configure the cells format as 000.But to use this solution you will need to delete the text indentifier ('), ok?

2012-03-06 20:42:48 +0100 rozet alındı  Eleştirmen (kaynak)
2012-03-06 20:29:36 +0100 bir soru cevapladı macros excel on libre

If you need to work with macros, the best that you can do is convert them to LO codes instead of use MS codes. But I didn't understand what is locked: the file itself or the macros? I think you can try to explain in your own idiom also.

2012-03-06 14:11:49 +0100 rozet alındı  Güzel Cevap (kaynak)
2012-03-03 01:25:07 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Is it possible to place toolbars on the menu bar?

Unfortunately we can't put on a same line the menu bar and the toolbar. Maybe you can try to minimize the icons on the toolbar by setting more keyboard shortcuts. This is exactly what I do in my laptop to save space.

2012-03-03 00:54:44 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı always "loading document" in Calc

Sorry, but I can't avoid some questions: It happens when you open the calc itself or when you open a file? In this second case, is with any file or one in particular? Thks.

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2012-03-02 17:36:30 +0100 rozet alındı  İyi cevap (kaynak)