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2020-08-06 20:47:31 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş How can I format bullets so they appear in two columns in writer

I have a list. To make the page I am formatting look good, it would be best to have this list so the bullets appear side by side in two columns. Is there any way to do this in Writer?


Edited to say I solved this by making a table and then deleting the borders. It looks fine but maybe there is another way as well?

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2020-05-20 20:01:58 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş Create a table of contents that only picks up one style

What I can never work out is how to do exactly what my title says. I have tried all sorts. I want a table of contents that only shows H1 and does not pick up H2 or H3 as well.

I do not want chapter numbers. JUST the names of the chapters.

Please can someone explain how to do this to my addled brain? I am sure it is all too simple when you know how. I read the instructions given and seem to end up with the same old thing of chapters and subheadings whatever I do. I then end up editing what I do not want out. In a long document, this is a tedious job.

(I would also like to make a TOC with a particular heading as a secondary table. -i.e. I have "Tasks" saved to a style I made and would like to make a list of these separately from the chapter headings.)

I would then have my chapters on a page and another page where all the tasks are listed and linked to.

I do not want subheadings.

Edited to say that the answer in the comments below works well and I was quickly able to format my TOC.

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2019-12-21 07:21:12 +0100 soru düzeltilmiş Chromebook users. Did you notice we can now get LibreOffice 6.0 without hassle?

Chromebook users. Did you notice we can now get LibreOffice 6.0 without hassle? Posting this because I have previously t

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2019-09-08 16:42:00 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş How would I create these bullet points?

I would love this but have no idea how to create it.

I want bullet points that are a question mark in a funky kind of character. I am thinking of an outlined question mark with a white middle. Maybe there is a font with this already in it I have not found. But my main aim is the bullet points in that style. If LibreOffice has the different bullet points it does, like the stars and arrows etc, then surely this is possible?

I would guess that the font issue is not directly LO related but how to get that ? into LO and create bullet points from it is. I suppose the answer would be the same for any character you created for a bullet point. (Oh wouldn't it be fun to have a tiny icon as one's own trademark bullet points in a book?)

? text associated with bullet point but with the funky character question mark ? text associated with bullet point ? text associated with bullet point

Edited to say the answer below in the comments is better than my eventual solution which was to use special characters and manually create a list. It wlll take me time to learn the better answer.

(I edited a question mark using styles to get the look I wanted. To make it work I needed to create a style, otherwise, the words associated with the bullet did not appear. On my Chromebook I needed to paste each bullet icon as paste special formatted as rtf. This is not creating a bullet list but will do while I work on the better solution given below.?

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2019-07-17 09:34:42 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş A question about direct versus indirect formatting

Please can someone explain to me why, when using LO we should use indirect formatting and what the effect is on a published document if you do not. (Any document.) Is this just a thing for LO or is it true in any Word Processor and exactly what is and what is not?

For example, does ctrl H1 result in direct or indirect formatting? (I know not to use the toolbar.)

Is using a toolbar that says it is a formatting toolbar direct or indirect formatting?

I understand it is better to use styles, paragraph and character formatting but have never seen the why of it and would like to know. Just knowing it is better is not enough. I want to know why.

What I guess I want is a kind of list of this is and this is not OK and this is why it is not Ok (Which I hope means this is one question and not a series of them.)

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2019-07-02 12:32:03 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Why do I get these strange symbols when uploading a file.

Thanks. I found it interesting to learn about anyway!

2019-07-02 10:26:33 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Why do I get these strange symbols when uploading a file.

I uploaded from Google Chrome. ODT file from LO 5 via my chromebook. It occurred to me the source file was originally L

2019-07-02 10:11:26 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Why do I get these strange symbols when uploading a file.

Actually, I have done that before. The results were not great compared to installing on my Laptop (sadly the hardware is

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2019-06-28 13:26:30 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş could I thicken lines in lo draw and how?

I need to make lines on a drawing slightly thicker. I have never used LO draw. Can I do this or could someone point me to the instructions for how it is done. I would imagine artists understand. It seems the self-publishing programme may not be able to see the finer lines.

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