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Some Signs in LibreOffice Math are displayed wrong

gefragt 2015-03-27 10:27:48 +0100

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Hello everybody,

I`m using LibreOffice on a Win7 (64 bit) Professional Service Pack 1 engine.

As i want to create some formulas I've got the problem, that some signs like "=" are displayed wrong. I'm pretty sure, this is due to a missmatch between the code used for the signs in LibreOffice and Win7. But i could not find a way to fix it. It seem's that these false signs are used out of windings as they are displayed as postboxes, arrows and postcards for instance.

Has anyone a hind for me how to fix this?


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geantwortet 2015-03-27 11:23:49 +0100

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Problem solved...

Finaly found this link:

An update seems to have deleted the Open Symbol font

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