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2014-02-25 09:10:26 +0100 Kommentierte Antwort How to navigate between footnotes with the keyboard

Thank you, Regina, for the feedback! I hope that this gets fixed soon.

I downloaded the 4.1.5. version just in case - if the problem persists, I'll downgrade for the time being.

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2014-02-24 20:48:44 +0100 Gestellte Frage How to navigate between footnotes with the keyboard

In writer, since the last update ( on MacOS 10.8), I am unable to move the cursor from one footnote to the next or previous one with the arrow keys on my keyboard. The cursor can only be moved within the footnote text. This is very annoying to me, since I am working on a large text with many footnotes and occasionally have to move between footnotes, doing small adjustments within them or copying text between them. I'd really like to do that from the keyboard again instead using the mouse to click into the footnote.

Is there any way how I can turn this feature back on? Or is this a bug?

Thank you all for your help!

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2013-10-24 14:25:47 +0100 Gestellte Frage Does LibreOffice run/work on OS X 10.9. Mavericks, or are there issues, e.g. with respect to 32/64 bit Java runtime?

I just switched to a MacOS System, currently running Mountain Lion (10.8.), and Libreoffice works fine. I am a bit nervous about updating. Can someone confirm that the program does not crash? I learned that Apple changed something in the Java runtime engine support...