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I have just started using LO on a new Windows 8 64-bit PC. I have removed all the junk supplied with the machine and stopped just about everything not necessary. The only thing you CAN'T seem to do anything about is Microsoft's Automatic Maintenance. Even if you delete the task, it is reinstated the next day. However you can see when it has run and so eliminate it from causing problems with LO.

I have had the following problems, with both Calc and Write:

  1. Freezing temporarily, as described above. No other application does this (after 4 months use). The timing does not correlate with MS Auto Maintenance. Kaspersky Anti-Virus recognizes LO in its application list and so is unlikely to be interfering.

  2. Freezing permanently and becoming unresponsive. Task Manager reveals several LO processes which have to be manually killed to recover from this.

  3. Crashing and going round a recovery cycle, apparently successfully.

I was hoping to migrate to LO before releasing the PC to others in the household. But the above behaviour is unacceptable. The previous application was MSOffice XP 2002, which is very stable. I REALLY don't want to have to buy a new MSOffice package, but the LO problems have to be fixed.