Assign different data labels to each of several different data series plotted on the same XY scatter chart.

asked 2017-06-18 02:31:57 +0200

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Just interested in the recent history of UK elections. So I got the data and plotted the chart. Here's the chart. The data is on another sheet (Historical Data). How do I assign a separate set of data labels to the (blue) Conservative series? These labels are on the Historical Data sheet in the row C3:V3. You can see the Labour series data labels are in row C4:V4 When I select the Conservative series and enter $'Historical Data'.$C$3:$V$3 in the Data Labels box, it seems to assume that I want this to apply to all the series. Must be a way of doing this. Grateful for any assistance. Oh dear, I'm new to this and unable to attach file without 3 points. How do I get points? Never mind, if anyone can help with question I will be grateful.

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